Mozambique best beaches

21 December 2016

4 of the best beaches in Mozambique

If you are well organised and prepared, Mozambique is the ideal beach holiday destination. There is so much beach that you often need a 4x4 to drive around the coastal towns, as the roads are all beach sand! With spectacular bays, safe swimming, and so many beachy things to do, this is the place to go on your next beach holiday!

Pemba Beach

Towards the very top of Mozambique is a tropical paradise called Pemba. With its shiny white sand, warm, clear water and wide open bay it’s definitely one of the best beach spots in the country. There are a few bars and pubs around, and usually on Sunday’s there is a street party for locals and visitors alike. But, back to the beach!

The beaches are ideal for hanging out with friends, catching a tan, playing a beach game or two before a swim, or getting beneath the waves and seeing what’s there. Pemba is a beautiful diving and snorkelling location, and also offers great fishing.

Tofo Beach

Tofo is just outside the city of Inhambane, and is right on the beach. Picture long stretches of golden sand, calm, crystal clear water protected from the open ocean by the small headland, and swaying trees offering shade from the hot Mozambican sun.

Tofo is a favourite beach because of its location in the bay and proximity to quaint restaurants, specialising in Mozambican delicacies. There are also bars with loads of R&R ready for any party and, good accommodation options for you to choose from. Tofo is ideal for swimming, partying and also offers scuba diving, boat trips, quad biking and loads of chilling time.

Bilene Lagoon

If you like wallowing in crystal clear water all day, with your toes leaving their mark on fine white sand, Bilene will be your idea of heaven. A small town roughly 180km from Maputo and situated on a large lagoon, Bilene has loads of accommodation options with the odd bar and restaurant, located here and there.

The shore of the lagoon stretches on for miles and is lined with casuarina trees, one or two hotels and a few lodges. As the water is often flat, it’s the perfect location for jet-skiing, kayaking, parasailing, or simply unwinding with friends. If you want to get to the sea, you will need to organise a speed boat or paddle a kayak for about an hour across the lagoon. However, many visitors to Bilene go there just for the beautiful lagoon.

Ponta Do Ouro Beach

Ponta is a hotspot for visitors to Mozambique. In season you can be sure the town will be packed with rowdy party goers and holiday makers. Ponta is a good swimming and surfing beach (when the conditions are right) and is protected by the headland to the south of the beach and the reef jutting out to sea.

Scuba diving and snorkelling excursions are definite must-do activities as there is such a healthy range of marine life in the area. Book a boat trip and swim with whale sharks or dolphins, book a deep sea fishing experience, or take a few surfing lessons.

The Mozambique coastline stretches for 2500km from its border with South Africa in the south and Tanzania in the north. If you want the beach, this is the place to be! These are some of the best beaches in Mozambique with the best water activities and so much more. So contact your Student Flights Consultant today to find out more about your next beach holiday in Mozambique