Why choose to cruise?

6 August 2019


Spot orca whales in the Antarctic, haggle in a Moroccan souk or explore the culture of ancient Egypt – cruise vacations can take you well off the beaten track into the world's most exotic and intriguing destinations. If you have a real sense of adventure along with a love of comfort then an expedition cruise could be just perfect for you.


Inclusive meals and most onboard sports and activities are included in the cost of your cruise. That makes it easy to budget for those extras such as alcoholic drinks (some luxury cruise ships do include alcoholic drinks), dining at alternative restaurants, spa treatments and onshore excursions. You can enjoy every day to the full without blowing your budget.


Whether you choose to have your big day with family and friends on the cruise holiday of a lifetime, or celebrate your wedding with a honeymoon cruise, this is the fantasy setting that dreams are made of. A world away from daily life, you’ll be waited on and pampered like royalty, leaving you to concentrate on getting cosy with your loved one.


Cruise holidays are renowned for fabulous eateries. Inclusive dining is offered in the ship’s main restaurant and buffet, and increasingly cruise lines are offering a variety of alternative onboard restaurants. From world-renowned chefs to hearty steakhouse dinners, every taste, occasion and budget is catered for, and that’s just on board! Every port stop will serve up a new culinary experience, so if you’re a foodie, a cruise vacation will certainly wet your appetite.

Cruise with People

Spend quality time with your family, share an intimate romantic getaway with the love of your life, or meet a whole bunch of new people on a special interest cruise. You can choose a cruise based on the type of people you’d like to share the ship with, so if you want to be on an adults-only ship, special interest or seniors cruise, you can! Of course there are cruises for all types of passengers too - you can choose your cruise on any criteria you like.


There are activities on board for whatever mood you’re in, you can do as little or as much as you like. The great thing about a cruise holiday is that everyone in your party can please themselves yet still have a real holiday together. The kids can make new friends and take part in fun and educational activities during the day, while the adults unwind by the pool, learn a new skill or hit the casino.


Cruise passengers are among the happiest holiday makers, with many people choosing to cruise every time they go on vacation. Customer satisfaction surveys regularly report over 90% satisfaction rating among cruise passengers. The last 15 years have seen a revolution in cruise ships, with far more flexibility and variety to keep all passengers in your party entertained.

Cruise in a Group

A family reunion or get together with old friends is made all the more memorable sharing the experience on a cruise. Group holidays on board a cruise ship are fantastic because there is enough variety in activities and entertainment to please all members of your party, and the shared memories you’ll get on board and during port days will stay with all of you forever.


If you wanted to visit numerous countries and ports any other way than on a cruise holiday, you would have to either go by coach or hop on and off a number of international flights. Besides the packing and unpacking and less than spacious seating, you wouldn’t have a spa to unwind in between ports, a choice of restaurants, nightly entertainment, enrichment programs – or a comfortable bed to collapse in each night.