Wanderlust Survival Kit

22 March 2018

Whether you’re planning a trip to an affordable hotel or planning on “roughing it” in a new and exciting destination, there are some travel essentials every traveller should make sure they have on hand. We’ve got some tips on how to get the most out of your adventure while having a hassle-free holiday.

Important things to pack

We’re going to assume you’re comfortable with packing the essentials (if you’re unsure of how many pairs of socks or underwear to take with… call your mom), so here’s a list of things you absolutely cannot forget when travelling:
⃞   Identity Document
⃞   Travel tickets and confirmations
⃞   Copies of travel documents, ID and Passport
⃞   Digital copies of travel documents, ID and Passport (best saved on a USB)
⃞   Emergency contact information
⃞   Medical history
⃞   Medical aid card (if applicable)
⃞   Medication
⃞   Prescriptions
⃞   Luggage tags

What else is important? Make sure you’ve got the following numbers saved on your phone:

⃞   Local emergency numbers of the country you’re visiting
⃞   Your insurance company’s number (you never know)
⃞   A list of personal emergency numbers and email addresses (have a hard copy of this too, in case you lose your phone or its battery dies)

You’ve got a medical emergency… what now?

We all like to think we’re invincible, which is what makes wild adventures and endless exploration so easy for us to commit to. That said, it also means there’s a chance we could find ourselves in hot water over a dare gone wrong or perhaps a stumble on the way home from the club. The most important thing to do in a medical emergency is remain calm—whether this is easier said than done or not, it’s crucial you do your best to remember the following: contact the local emergency services first and only then should you alert anyone else who you think should know (such as family or friends).

If you’re not feeling like yourself, make a note on your phone about why you feel unwell and how long you’ve had symptoms for. If it’s a medical situation you feel that you can manage yourself, such as feeling sick, it’s important to let those around you know if you’re feeling unwell or are experiencing any issues just in case the information will come in handy in a real emergency. Remember, you’re in a new country and out of your comfort zone, and so what might seem like a simple flu or tummy bug could end up being more serious even if only because of the stress of being in a new environment. It’s important for medical professionals to have all the facts in case you find your condition gets worse (this information might have to come from a friend).

It’s the little things…

Alright, we’ve got all the serious stuff out of the way, now for those little things that are so easy to forget but that you’ll be grateful you remembered:
⃞   Hand sanitiser
⃞   Sunscreen (wrapped in a plastic bag, of course)
⃞   Sanitiser wipes (these come in handy when you’re travelling and need to refresh, but don’t have access to a shower-trust us, they’re better than nothing)

⃞   Travel tissues
⃞   Water purification tablets if you’re travelling somewhere with questionable water supplies
⃞   A sewing kit (sounds lame, but works a charm)

When you’ve got a social situation

Maybe you’re travelling with friends or you’re going to them, either way you might not want to arrive at your destination feeling gross. Pack an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on, even if it’s just a clean shirt, and take some dry shampoo too (this is available at most major pharmacies, but if you can’t find it then a little bit of baby powder will do). Don’t forget your toothbrush, either, because no matter which class you travel in or how proud you are of your standard of hygiene, there’s just something about long distance travel that seems to affect travellers’ breaths (gross, we know, so just pack your toothbrush and some toothpaste and let’s not speak of this again). Here’s a neat break-down of that list:
⃞   Dry shampoo
⃞   Change of clothes
⃞   Toothbrush & travel-size toothpaste

These three little additions to your carry-on will not only make travelling more comfortable, but it will assure that you’ve got a bit of confidence to accompany you on your way to your destination (you never know who you could meet along the way).

Travel is one of the greatest gifts the world has given us: seeing new places, meeting new people and enjoying new experiences that will stick with you forever is something you can’t put a price on, that’s why it’s important to make sure you’re well-prepared so you don’t encounter any nasty surprises you could have been prepared for. Contact one of our Travel Experts today and get started on planning the rest of your trip (you’ve got this handy checklist already, all that’s left for you to do is decide where you’re going, who you’re going with and how long you’re going for).