See the World with a Tour

See the World with a Tour

2 November 2017

Thinking about travelling? Maybe you've considered seeing the world with a tour but needed some convincing? Brilliant! Because touring is always a fantastic idea because you'll be hard-pressed to find a more convenient way to see top travel destinations all in one trip! Our tours are put together with YOU in mind. We make sure that you'll get to see famous landmarks as well as a few hidden gems with very little effort on your part. That means, pack your bags and prepare yourself for a jam-packed, memory-making experience!

Why a Tour (and not a DIY trip)?

The first thing you should realise about travelling is – it’s really hard work to pull a great trip together. Planning what you want to see, how to get there, what to eat, where to sleep… Most people end up spending a lot of money and fail to see half of what they planned to. However, when you book a tour with us, we take all the hard work off your hands. You don’t have to spend a single minute checking endless online accommodation websites with prices in unknown currencies to find one that suits your needs and your pocket (and hopefully looks as good in reality as it does the photos).

Need to get from point A to B to C and D (and back to point A)? You don’t need to even think about your transport while on tour. All you need to worry about are your plane tickets to the tour departure airport and home again (and we can even arrange that for you as well)! We also make sure that most of your meals for the duration of your tour is often included in the cost as well so you can focus on soaking up the incredible experience rather than looking for a restaurant.

Flight Centre has a selection of incredible tours on promotion for a limited time. These tours include destinations in Europe, South America, North America, Australia and Asia. Don’t miss out – book yours today.

Pack a heavy bag…

…because otherwise our tours of Europe may just blow you away. Europe has an incredible history but in contrast, also hosts many famous modern marvels. The architecture, museums and landmarks promise to leave you speechless. By far the top locations that every traveller should definately see when in Europe, include Venice, the Eifel Tower in Paris, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, a canal tour of Amsterdam, the Ice Hotel in Sweden and of course, Beer tasting in Munich.

Get more than you bargained for…

…when you Tour the USA with our cost-saving rates. Don’t let the state of their current politics fool you, the USA is a traveller’s dream destination, thanks to the countless places to see and things to do. You’ll be able to take in the splendour of the Grand Canyon and take a stroll down the Vegas Strip all on the same day! Or maybe you’d prefer to go on a shopping spree in New York City or maybe a trip to see the the Niagara Falls up close is more your thing. We’ve got a USA tour that will fit right in with your vision of a dream holiday.

Carpe Diem!

Travel to top destinations on a budget that works for you! Whether you want to see many different locations or focus your tour on exploring around a single city - Flight Centre has the tour for you! Check out some of our amazing tour deals - we’ll make sure it’s worth every penny!!