The dos and don'ts in Germany

11 April 2012

The dos and don’ts in Germany It’s fun to be a tourist in a foreign country, however being an ignorant tourist is a big no-no. Read all about my “dos & don’ts” in Germany so you can be in the know, you’ll thank me later.


  • Be polite, when you greet be sure to shake you’re acquaintances’ hand 
  • Have cash at all times, credit card machines are not as widely available as they are here in Mzansi
  • Recycle your bottles, in Germany you get paid to! So when you buy bottled water, you pay for the bottle too and when you bring the bottle back, you get your money back. Be a green-wise traveller.
  • Always say Prost! (Cheers!) before you sip your beer, and yes a “cheers moment” comes with eye contact. On that note Prost! “ makes eye contact”


  • Stick to African standard time, being punctual in Germany is one of those unwritten rules, so be on time!
  • Highways are for cars, pavements for pedestrians, the bike lane is for bikes, er, no jaywalking. No one else there does it, why should you? 
  • Shop on a Sunday, most stores are closed on a Sunday in Germany. Not everyone goes to church on that day, however it is considered a day of rest.
  • When eating out, always check the menu if your waiters tip is included. No harm in tipping in any case.

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