16 June 2014

There is an abundance of reasons to consider South Africa as a holiday destination. One of the most persuasive reasons for many tourists is the country’s 2798 km (1,739 mi) coastline. It’s Eastern, Southern and Western borders are flanked by vast beautiful bodies of water, making it one of the most sought after beach getaways worldwide. Its lengthy coastline translates into a cornucopia of remarkable beaches and beach side towns. Knysna is one of these towns and one I strongly recommend to add to your list of things

to do in SA.

Knysna harbour Knysna is all about natural beauty


Like most things to do with South Africa, Knysna is all about natural beauty and forms part of South Africa’s celebrated Garden Route. On the one side sits the warm Indian Ocean, perfect for a day of swimming all year through. On the other side sits the jaw dropping

Outeniqua Mountains, named so by the early Khoi-San inhabitants who first discovered it. One of the town’s greatest attractions is its dense lush green forest, a place well-known to outdoor and hiking enthusiasts worldwide. Imagine your eyes being treated to a

plethora of shades of green and massive trees that pierce the sky (some of them over 800 years old). The forest use to be home to a large group of wild elephants but since then they have disappeared due to an excessive amount of poaching. But legend has it, that there are still a few roaming the forest.

Another great experience that Knysna has to offer, and sadly not one many tourists take the tim
e to see, is Judas Square. It is nestled in a valley found in the Khyahaletu Township and is one of the largest Rastafarian communities in South Africa. They welcome tourists with open arms to come and learn the ways of their fascinating and vibrant culture. It is a place of smiles, festivities and cultural dedication. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this amazing place.

Knysna will not disappoint you, no matter who you are or what you’re into. So put it on that South African holiday list and make sure it’s near the top.

Wiehahn Diederichs

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” Travel has opened my mind and soul and has filled me with an insatiable thirst and curiosity for life. My passion for travel is fuelled by my love for photography and writing. Through these mediums of expression I hope to inspire people to follow their hearts and see the world. There is an entire planet filled with a variety of people and experiences waiting for us to meet them.