Interview Tips from our Recruitment Team

25 November 2011

So you've landed an interview at a top company – now what? It’s easy to make a mess of things if you have no idea what to expect or what is expected of you in an interview process. Here are a few simple tips and things to remember or be aware of when going for an interview.

  1. NEVER be late – They say first impressions are the most lasting impressions, so the first step towards a good first impression is to arrive on time for your interview. If you are running late due to traffic, car broken down or you are lost (all understandable) do the right thing and call your recruiter to advise them. The last thing we want to do is to phone you to find out where you are. So always make sure that you have the right address and the recruiters contact details.  Being 5 minutes early is fine but arriving an hour earlier is not going to score any brownie points either.
  2. Dress appropriately – this is the second step to a good first impression.  Don't come to an interview dressed like you are going to a party or worse, like you are going to the beach.Ladies - avoid skirts/dresses that are too short or blouses that let it all hang out.A tailored pants or formal skirt and blouse are the safest bet. Gents – no muscle tops and jeans and if you are going to wear an open collared shirt – we don’t want to see your chest hair so rather button it!We don’t expect a 3 piece suit - but a shirt and tie with formal pants is expected.
  3. Read your interview confirmation properly and if you are required to bring any documentation with you – make sure that you have it. The safest is to always have an updated CV with a copy of your ID with you.
  4. Do your research – you should know a little bit of information about the company you are applying to and also about the position. Google it or visit the company’s corporate website if they have one. It’s never a good idea to tell your recruiter “I’ve sent my CV everywhere and was just waiting for someone to call me”
  5. Prepare some questions beforehand to ask your recruiter. Make sure they are valid and relevant and not just asking a question for the sake of asking. Questions to avoid “How long is my lunch break?” or “Do we get a Christmas bonus?”  Examples of good questions would be “What is the potential for growth within the company?” or “Does the company offer any kind of personal development or leadership training?”
  6. Don’t fidget! We understand that you may be nervous but try not fidget in your seat and always maintain eye contact (without staring)
  7. If you are being interviewed with more than one person – don’t doodle or stare outside the windows when the other person is speaking or answering a question. Seem interested and NEVER interrupt while the other person is speaking.
  8. PITCH for your interview – should you have accepted another job offer or if you are not interested in the position anymore it is just common courtesy to advise the recruiter that you will not be attending the interview anymore. It is VERY bad practice to just not show up for your interview. Recruiters tend to remember this and it may jeopardize your chances for future interviews at the same company.
  9. Be confident without being arrogant. No one likes a "know-it-all" least of all of a recruiter.
  10. Job hunting and recruitment is a minefield out there. You have got your foot in the door merely by being asked to come in for an interview. The trick is not to blow your chances by doing something silly or inappropriate. It’s one thing to not get a job because you are not suitable or not qualified but it is another to not be successful because you failed to observe simple etiquette.

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