A guide to Germany’s must-see cities

17 July 2017

Situated in the very centre of Europe, Germany is second most populous country after Russia and its economy the largest on the continent. With its unique blend of old and new, it remains a tourist go-to for travellers when taking in some of the top sights Europe has to offer.

Here is a list of our must see cities when planning a trip to this cultural and economic powerhouse:



Renowned for its rowdy Oktoberfest, Munich is one of the most popular tourist destinations. And with its historic architecture, rich arts and cultural scene and traditional beer halls and gardens it’s easy to understand why.

Despite its reputation for traditional German beer and Bavarian cuisine, it has a varied and cosmopolitan dining culture, so whether it’s the customary meal of Bratwurst and Weissbier or a more conventional Mediterranean, Italian or French feast you are after, Munich has something for everyone.

Must-see attractions include the New Town Hall, the Munich Residence or royal Bavarian palace, St. Peters Church and its scenic and immense English Garden.



With its colourful history, Berlin is a multicultural city that celebrates triumph over adversity with a startling array of architecture, monuments and memorials and bustling restaurant and nightlife scene.

The site of perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Cold War, the now destroyed Berlin Wall, this fascinating city also pays homage to the Holocaust through a memorial site spanning a massive 4.7 square acres, and is also home to the famed Brandenburg Gate that takes inspiration from the Acropolis in Athens.



If it’s a taste of old-world German charm you are after, then Heidelberg is the city for you. Taking in the magnificence of its old Baroque buildings is like taking a trip back in time, allowing you time to escape the hustle and bustle of today’s always-on modern world.

Make your way to Hauptstrasse, the busiest road in the city, to get your fix of freshly made local fare such as bretzeln - the local take on the traditional German pretzel.

Overlooked by the old ruins of some of one of Europe’s most majestic castles, Heidelberg castle, and home to a number of fascinating ruins and monuments as well as beautiful forests and gardens, Heidelberg is the epitome of all that is proudly German.



For a more modern take of German life and culture, a visit to Frankfurt embodies all that contemporary Germany has to offer. However as with most of this diverse country, it is not without its own share of rich history and culture and is home to both a number of captivating medieval buildings and museums, as well as the natural beauty of an inner-city forest and botanical garden.

When it comes to local cuisine, no trip to Frankfurt would be complete without a taste of its culinary namesake, the frankfurter or Frankfurter Wȕrstchen, and a stein of locally brewed apple cider or Apfelwein.