#LoveWhereYouLive - Gauteng hidden gems you have to discover

9 June 2020

Whether you’re travelling solo, heading out for an adventure or just looking to make some memories with the family, there are many Gauteng hidden gems to discover. Here are some of our Flight Centre favourites:


Cradle of Humankind

This 47 000 hectare UNESCO World Heritage site is a must-do. If you haven’t already experienced this marvel, then prepare to step back millions of years in time, as you uncover the fossils of our ancient ancestors and develop a greater understanding of who we are.

While the Cradle itself is popular, there are a multitude of other more hidden gems. Prepare to be whisked away in hot air balloon flights, tackle abseiling thrills, and venture through the wild as you exchange greetings with local lions.

For those wishing to stay the night, the Cradle offers a world of luxurious accommodation.


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City of Tshwane

Tshwane is one of South Africa’s oldest cities and is widely considered a cultural melting pot. While its museums, galleries and heritage sites are not to be missed, we’d highly recommend a stop at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve. 

The 4000-hectare reserve whisks you into the wild. Set out and lock eyes with the notorious hippo, cheetah, and iconic blue crane. It’s a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and only gets better as you opt for camping thrills along the banks of Rietvlei Dam. Spend the day fishing, hiking and picnicking beside the Marais Dam with the family.


Gold Reef City

While not in itself a “hidden gem’ per se, Gold Reef City does brim with many attractions and treasures you may have forgotten. The casino complex tempts those intrigued by the idea of betting on lady luck or catch a movie in the cinema, opt for some adrenalin in the theme park or bowling alley. There are many dining establishments to fuel up afterwards.


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Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden

This botanical wonderland in Roodepoort gives you 300 hectares of undisturbed beauty to explore. With over 240 bird species on-site, these gardens are a haven for bird enthusiasts and picnickers alike. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Verreaux’s Eagles that nestle themselves along the Witpoortjie waterfall.

Marvel at the cute local antelope and then take a peek inside their nursery, bookstore and restaurant.



This quaint little town sits just 20 minutes outside of Pretoria with many lesser-known gems to attract all travellers. Trek through the wilderness, abseil down mountains or challenge your friends and family to a ride through dusty trails on a quad bike.

Be sure to pop into the Cullinan Diamond Mine. This mine first ignited the world’s attention when it produced a diamond weighing in at 3106 carats (which now forms part of the British crown jewels). Join one of the in-depth tours to learn more about humankind’s favourite sparkling gem, and dive deep into the history of the region. 


Hennops Hiking Trail

If you fancy yourself a hiking enthusiast, the Hennops Hiking Trail is located 30km from Pretoria.

Hennops boasts four trails, varying in difficulty and length. But what makes Hennops truly special are its other lesser-known gems too. Check out the suspension bridges, cable cars, historical sites and caves. History buffs and adventure seekers alike are in for a treat.


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Gauteng may be spoiled with many unique and well-known attractions, but there are also a wealth of diverse lesser-known activities and experiences to enjoy, even at or near the most famous sights. The next time you’re in Gauteng, add a few lesser-known gems to your travel itinerary too.