Cruising the Southern African coastline

17 June 2022

Some holidaymakers compare a ship’s cruise to enjoying a holiday in a floating hotel.  To some extent this is true but an ocean liner cruise is way more than that: it is a whole new, different and totally unique experience and one not to be missed!

Why choose to cruise?

First of all, whether you are planning a family adventure or a romantic getaway, or even as a single person, a cruise holiday easily and by far outweighs most holiday offerings out there!

Not only is it one of the best “value for money” holiday options, but hands down it’s also one of the most carefree and hassle-free holidays you will ever have!  Cruise operators (and there are a few cruise lines that operate from our shores) pride themselves on the fact that they offer their guests the quality and comfort of a five-star hotel, and a whole lot more, at a great price

Will I be stuck on board the whole time?

In case you were wondering why you would spend your entire holiday in the relative confines of a ship, don’t worry. The ships are indeed spacious, the facilities cater 100% for the guests and apart from the outstanding facilities available on-board, there are often great on-shore excursions that are definitely something to enjoy.

 Are there any notable sites you want to see on-shore or take part in?  Like a visit to the top of Table Mountain, or a snorkelling adventure on an easily accessible reef?  There will more than likely be an excursion for your tastes that you can book right from the information desk on-board.  What could be easier and hassle-free than that?

What about young to teenage children?

But what about your children?  Now, this is where ocean cruising shines.  Cruise companies understand that parents enjoying a holiday onboard a vessel with such great adult-themed entertainment don’t always want to spend all their time entertaining their children.

Ships are equipped with awesome entertainment facilities run by well-trained and qualified staff for the younger set, from babies to toddlers and all the way up to teenagers.  Parents can rest assured that their children will be treated like royalty on a cruise.

What entertainment is available onboard?

Cruise line companies have fleets of elegantly appointed ships and when you are onboard you are certainly going to have the finest at-sea experience.  Their ships have various themed pubs and lounges dotted around the decks as well as great dining facilities - from informal on-deck buffets to elegant dining in five-star restaurants.

While offering you top-class accommodation and imaginative entertainment ranging from floor shows to interactive and fun-filled activities you also have the option of cooling off in the swimming pool or of just lazing around and catching a suntan in your deck chair while being waited on by attentive stewards.  Whether it’s an invigorating workout, a rejuvenating spa treatment, taking ballroom dancing lessons, watching a movie, jiving the night away, or hitting the jackpot at the casino, a domestic cruise is the perfect place to relax and unwind while exciting new destinations come to you.  Simply put, you won’t run out of things to do while cruising.

What are the most popular destinations from South African ports?

Popular destinations from cruises departing from South African ports include the Portuguese Islands and Pomene in Mozambique, the South Africa and Namibia cruise option, the South African Coastal cruise and, of course, “The Cruise to Nowhere”. The last of these is all about being at sea, no landfalls, no on-shore excursions, just immersing yourself in the actual cruising part of the cruise experience.

Flight Centre has great cruise packages for you to choose from. We will arrange for flights to and from your chosen port destination as well as any accommodation and travel you may need before or after your cruise. We, as always, are here to help you!  

So why wait?  Get in touch with one of our travel experts to book your cruise today and experience for yourself the uniqueness of a cruise holiday!