Busiest ports in the world

18 December 2018

There is no denying that cruise holidays are becoming more popular. Although there are many cruise ports in the world, these are some of the busiest cruise ports in the world and it is estimated that between four and five million cruise visitors go through these ports every year. Because the cruise industry is very seasonal, the average number of guests visiting a port per day increases dramatically during high season.

Busiest American ports

The Americas probably boast the busiest cruise ports in the world, with Miami and Port Canaveral taking the top two spots. However, Port Everglades, Cozumel in Mexico, Nassau in the Bahamas, Galveston in Texas and the Cayman Islands also take their place in the top ten of the busiest cruise ports in the world.

Port of Miami

As an annual average, the Port of Miami sees roughly 13,424 people per day stepping off a cruise ship and into its harbour. That’s a total of 4.9 million passengers each year. Home to five of the biggest cruise lines, it’s no wonder this is such a busy port. In close proximity to beautiful beaches, amazing night-life and excellent shopping opportunities, the port of Miami is the base for cruises to the Bahamas, Mexico and other exotic locations in the region.

Port Canaveral

With 3.9 million visitors every year, Port Canaveral in Orlando is the second busiest port in the world. On average the port welcomes roughly 10,600 people per day. Port Canaveral in Orlando is home to Disneyland, the Kennedy Space Centre and many more.

There is currently a $150million passenger terminal being built to the port as more and more people have been flocking to the sunny shores of Orlando.

Busiest European Ports

Europe is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. With the Mediterranean offering ideal conditions for cruising as well as spectacular scenery, and the Baltics and Scandinavia offering fascinating ports of call, rich in history and natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Europe is such a popular cruise destination.

Port of Barcelona

The Port of Barcelona is the busiest in Europe. Each year, the charismatic city of Barcelona attracts more than 2.5million people with an average of 6,900 people per day. The entire land area of the harbour stretches 10.65 square kilometres.

The Port of Barcelona has been a major sea port since the area was first used as a harbour some 2000 years ago. In those 2000 years the city has developed into a sprawling metropolis with exhibits of unique architecture, delightful streets lined with restaurants and pubs, and welcoming beaches, not to mention the cultural and historical attractions which abound in this magnificent city!

Port of Civitavecchia

The Port of Civitavecchia is the second busiest port in Europe and is the cruise destination for people visiting the ancient city of Rome. Civitavecchia is roughly an hour and a half by car or bus and many cruise lines will offer guided or do-it-yourself tours to the majestic city.

Civitavecchia actually means ancient town, and visitors to the port will not be disappointed. With cobbled streets, delightful markets and ancient structures to explore, there is loads to do if for some reason you didn’t want to head into Rome!

A big part of taking a cruise holiday is the on-shore experiences. Depending on your cruise itinerary, you may visit cruise ports that bustle with visitors just about every day of the week, or you may be the only ship in port. It all depends on the popularity of your chosen destinations.

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