The Best Nightlife around the World

26 March 2018

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the top destinations of the world are home to the best nightclubs and beach bars in the world, too. Attracting tourists and locals alike, these bars and clubs are frequented by some of the best local and international DJs and promise nothing short of an incredible experience.


EGG - a massive warehouse-style space, EGG is known for its twenty-four hour parties and a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Able to host up to 900 party-goers, you can only imagine how much fun and what a good vibe awaits.

XOYO - the go-to venue for house, disco and techno lovers, XOYO is open every Friday and Saturday, along with one or two week nights (and occasionally Sundays) every week. The club consists of two floors and is home to local DJs enjoying a “residency” at the club. The dress-code is relaxed and doors open at 9:30pm.


Cavalli Club Dubai - This is one of the “hottest clubs in Dubai”, and also one of the swankiest, which means (unsurprisingly) that you have to dress smart/elegant for the evening. Once you’re through the door, though, you’re guaranteed an extravagant time and hours dancing to some of the best local beats Dubai has to offer.

Blue Marlin Ibiza Dubai - Brining Spain’s party capital to Dubai, The Blue Marlin Ibiza club offers day-to-night dining along with beach festivals and clubbing. The dress code is casual and during the day you’ll probably be donning a bikini and soaking up the sun while sipping on cocktails. At night the venue transforms into a massive beach party complete with local and international DJs.


C Beach Club - Officially the first beach club on the island, the C Beach Club attracts a mix of locals and tourists, not to mention the occasional international DJ. Dinner reservations are essential, but the Chill Lounge Bar is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a cocktail on the beach. The space is transformed into a nightclub on the weekends.

Big Willy’s - While the name might suggest it’s a dodgy bar one should avoid, Big Willy’s is actually one of the most famous bars in Mauritius. The first of its kind, Big Willy’s brought the sports-bar scene to Mauritius and is the best place to watch live sporting coverage. Fridays and Saturdays are the best time to go if a party is what you’re after, as locals come to enjoy the live music and dancing.

New York

Up&Down - Ranked amongst the top five nightclubs in New York, Up&Down is a splashy spot that features a number of DJs, dancing and a buzz like no other. The nightclub is split in two, with locals insisting downstairs is “for the hipsters” while upstairs offers a classier evening. Wherever you sit, the music is great and the dancing will carry on well into the next day.

Electric Room - located on the lower level of Dream Downtown, the Electric Room features an intimate bar-setting where you can enjoy artisan and speciality cocktails. The decor alone makes the place worth visiting and the venue often features famous bands such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and attracts celebrities such as Uma Thurman.


Ce La Vie - Originally Ku De Ta, this spot has always enjoyed great popularity amongst locals and tourists alike, but a recent upgrade and change of name has take the club to new heights. Music depends on the night you go, but Fridays and Saturdays generally feature EDM hits and bass-heavy tracklists. Dress to impress when you hit this hotspot.

Levels Club & Lounge - Getting its name from the two club rooms and the rooftop lounge, Levels hits all the right notes with music ranging from funky beats on the terrace, to R&B hits in the main room, and house and techno in the additional club. Entry is free and a great place to spend the evening if you’re looking to mingle and meet new people.


Soi Bangla - Not really a club, perse, but rather a street packed with dozens of activities to see and do. While there is a great variety of clubs and beer bars to choose from, the street itself is full of incredible street-performers, vendors, games and live music.

Baan Chom - Located on Kata Hill, Baan Chom offers a gorgeous view of the bay below and sits next to two other bars called After Beach and Small Viewpoint. Initiate a mini-pub-crawl of your own and enjoy a night spent sipping on cocktails or enjoying some cold beer with reggae music as the backdrop and an incredible view to boot. Not the craziest of night-time locations, but one you’ll enjoy no-less.


Queen - One of Paris’ most famous clubs, Queen is the perfect spot to hit if you find yourself in the middle of the City of Love nearing midnight with nothing to do and no desire to go back to your room. The club is fairly fancy, so dress the part, and it works out cheaper to buy a small bottle of your hardtack rather than to pay per drink.

Zigzag - This club usually attracts a younger crowd and his home to some incredible house and techno music and sets. There’s a metro station nearby which makes it easy to access and the club has a reputation for housing one of Paris’ best sound systems. The club offers a great combination of local and international talent, so don’t be shocked if you see someone you thought you’d only catch at Ultra up on stage.


Marquee - The go-to place for EDM lovers, Marquee is “about as Vegas as Sydney gets”. Located in a casino, this club has hosted international DJs such as Calvin Harris and Avicii, along with other acts which include Drake. Local talent is also on show and the venue delivers nothing less than an unforgettable party experience.

Oxford Art Factory - Less about DJs but still about dancing, the Oxford Art Factory is generally known for hosting international bands, indie and alternative music, and a sweaty moshpit guaranteed to get your pulse racing. The space feels a lot smaller than it is (but in a good way), and allows for some intimate, incredible gigs.


Le Mura - San Lorenzo is exactly where to find yourself if you’re in the mood for a good time. The neighbourhood is packed with students and bars and clubs that cater to that exact crowd. At Le Mura, Local bands and the occasional up-and-coming international acts can be enjoyed live, while the general dance mix includes indie, funk and classic pop.

Shari Vari - Go for dinner, stay for the dancing. Shari Vari is the best of both worlds, and if you’d rather eat and then party the night away at the same place, this bustling spot is for you. Expect Top 40 hits, house music, hip-hop and of course EDM.


Air - Home to five bars, you can only imagine the size of this club. Featured in the Miller Club Top 100, if you’re someone who truly appreciates and values an unforgettable clubbing experience, Air may as well be on your Bucket List. Music styles include house, disco, techno, hip-hop and EDM. Remember though, no matter your age it’s important to make sure you’ve got your ID with you (no ID, no entry).

Jimmy Woo - This exclusive two-storey nightclub is complete with an elegant, Asian-themed bar and dance floor that is lit by over 12,000 lamps. It’s a sight to behold and something you’ll surely want as a background in your next Instagram Story. The dress code is fairly casual depending on the theme of the night and the music promises to be great too.

There you have it, the list of the best clubs and bars to visit if you’re after a great time in the world’s top destinations. Contact one of our Travel Experts today to ensure you get started on crossing these clubs and bars off of your party Bucket List.