A to Z of Honeymoons - part one

29 February 2012

Planning a honeymoon can be quiet stressful, but fear not, Flight Centre has the A to Z honeymoon kit for you.  We have put together the A to Z for your honeymoon, read carefully & take notes! Since all this is quite detailed , I’ve taken the liberty of breaking the list into a few posts for you to take all in.

A = Attractive

When planning a honeymoon, try to make the experience about you & your spouse, so the location has to be attractive & appealing to both of you.  So share honeymoon location ideas, whether you’d like to cruise? Have an adventure honeymoon? Or a beach honeymoon.

Indian Ocean Island

Could you see yourselves on this exclusive and private beach?

B = Bridal registry

Flight Centre comes in handy when it comes to a bridal registry.  What’s special about our bridal registry?  This is the best way to cut costs when saving for honeymoon.  Have your friends give you the gift of travel, instead of them contributing towards contents of your house, let them contribute to your honeymoon.

C =Cruising

A cruise is perfect for “nomad” couples that prefer to have dinner in one country & breakfast at another.  The best thing about a cruise is they can be customized to fit your preference, so you can request a honeymoon cruise, or a couple’s cruise.  Those type of cruises, have activities and specials suited for the romantic & newlyweds.


Is a romantic cruise your perfect honeymoon choice?

D = Day tours

As newlyweds chances are you’ll want to coop up all day in your hotel room.  However we suggest the outdoors for at least 2 days of your honeymoon.  This is the perfect time to take those “love-struck” snapshots and really just embark on new experiences together as a couple.  Activities such as game drives, or a hop-on-hop-off bus come highly recommended, nothing like getting lost at a foreign country with the one you love!  Other out-door activities include a bike ride along the beach, absolutely romantic!

E= Extras

Always try to bargain with your Flight Centre consultant, who knows he/she might land you an upgrade or free breakfast at your hotel.  Most of our consultants have close relationships with suppliers and might be able to throw in an extra thing or too, be sure to keep your options open.

F= Fine dining

Before jetting away to your honeymoon destination, do ample research or ask your Flight Centre consultant of anything you should watch out for.  Its imperative you’re aware of the water situation of where you’re going, should you carry bottled water? You don’t want to be sick during your special time with your new spouse.  Be wary of the risk of things such as Malaria.  Better safe than sorry!

Speak to your favourite Flight Centre consultant on 0860 400 747 for more information on planning your perfect honeymoon.