7 Reasons Being South African is Awesome

25 September 2019

We live in a pretty amazing country. Sure, SA has had its ups and downs. But there’s so much to be proud of too. That’s why this Heritage Month, we’re showing our country some love with a list of all the reasons it’s great to be South African!

1. Woza Mzansi

They don’t call us the rainbow nation for nothing. After all, what other country can say it has 11 official languages? Nuff said.

2. Dance, Dance, Dance (dance some more)

SA knows how to bust a move. From classics like Johnny Clegg, Brenda Fassie, and Hugh Masekela to Sho Madjozi, Black Coffee, and Lira ¬ we’ve been rocking the music scene for ages. Not to mention the Ndlovu Youth Choir from Limpopo that impressed the world on America’s Got Talent.


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3. Eat your heart out

When it comes to SA food – go big or go home. From biltong, bunny chow and bobotie to vetkoek, gatsbys and shisanyama, tasty food is a huge part of our culture. Thirsty? We’ve got some of the best wines and beers this side of the equator too.


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4. Awesomeness everywhere

South Africa is packed with amazing destinations in every direction. Home to nine World Heritage Sites, iconic Table Mountain, the Big Five and more – no wonder tourists from all over the world can’t get enough of our country. Whether you’re bundu-bashing in Kruger, wine-tasting in the Cape, catching a tan in Durbs, trekking through the Karoo, clubbing in Jozi or beyond, you’re never far from an incredible experience.

5. Sunshine all the way baby!

SA has a pretty great climate. Hot and sunny summers, hardly any snow in winter, and even the rainy days are a great excuse to stay indoors and keep cosy.

6. Our legends

Leader, visionary and legend, it’s no surprise that Nelson Mandela makes our list of reasons to be proud. And then, of course, there’s Christiaan Barnard, Charlize Theron, Caster Semenya, Trevor Noah and much more. The list goes on and on.

7. Nothing can stop us

South Africa has been through some tough times. But despite all the hardship, we’ve managed to build a nation we can all be proud of. It’s this can-do SA gees that keeps us going even when the going gets tough.

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