5 things to do in Paarl

10 July 2014

Paarl is a place of tremendous beauty. Nestled in between mountains and vineyards and blessed by the warm South African sun, it is a town that will lift your heart and soul. It is the third oldest town in South Africa and is also part of the scenically stunning Cape Winelands.

Paarl landscape, South Africa Paarl, the third oldest town in South Africa


Afrikaans Language Monument

Afrikaans is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa and one that is proudly embraced by the citizens of Paarl. The Afrikaans Language Monument is a testament to their dedication to the Afrikaans language and culture. It is surrounded by many hiking and biking trails that stretch through the beautiful exotic garden. You can also take in a breathtaking view over Paarl and its sunset at the Volksmond Coffee shop while enjoying your lunch.

Fairview Wine & Cheese

The Fairview Vineyard and Cheesery is one of Paarl’s most popular attractions. Here you can enjoy some of South Africa’s best wines and indulge in both internationally and locally acclaimed artisanal goat and cow’s milk cheeses, all of which are certified Halaal and Kosher. The Goatshed restaurant is a no-brainer, serving delicious Mediterranean dishes together with Fairview’s full range of wines and cheeses.

Drakenstein Lion Park

This Lion sanctuary is another very popular attraction of Paarl. Here lions that have been mistreated and abused are given safe sanctuary and are treated with a level of respect seldom seen elsewhere. Here there is a true passion for the well-being of animals.

Paarl Museum

The Paarl Museum is for all the history nuts. Here you can find any and all information concerning the rich and old history of Paarl. Here you will learn all about the origins of Paarl and how it came to be what it is today. There is also a large collection of Cape antiques to view such as furniture, cutlery, documents and photographs.

Hot Air Balloon Tours

Although these tours are only available from November to April, due to the winter rains, it is an amazing experiencing one should not miss if it can’t be helped. Seeing Paarl from a bird’s eye view will forever engrave its visual wonder in your heart.

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