10 signs you need a holiday

31 July 2015

One of the first signs you need a holiday is that you find yourself reading more and more articles tempting you to enjoy a fabulous vacation. Also, you feel tired, your zest for life is at an all-time low, and everything just seems so dreary.

Zanzibar Need some island time? Photo by Fabio Di Lupo.

Sound familiar? Maybe you need some downtime. Here are some more signs that you have to book your next trip now …

10: You become a social media stalker

You find yourself looking at your friends’ (or even strangers’) social media pages just to find out where they’ve been. Or …

9: You avoid social media

Selfie at BlueLagoon, Ceningan, Bali We'd rather not know. Photo by Hairi.

For some people, looking at others’ happy holiday snaps becomes intolerable so they choose to stay away. Instagram all of a sudden becomes your worst enemy.

8: You start entering competitions

Sometimes your finances don’t allow you to book that dream holiday, so you start looking at how you can win one. You enter every competition you see and flood your friends’ emails with invites, just to increase your chances of winning a holiday.

7: You live in the past

album2 When you simply can't stop looking at old travel pics. Photo by Tracy.

More and more you think about your last holiday – what you ate, what clothing you took. You can even go as far as trying to recreate your holiday at home by looking at holiday movies, listening to music that reminds you of your holiday, and looking at holiday pictures.

6: You become best friends with your calendar

Time doesn’t fly when you need a holiday; in fact, you feel so stuck that you constantly check your calendar for upcoming public holidays, dreaming about where you’d rather be.

5: You consider drastic changes to your career

Dax and Kieran Teaching English How about teaching in Asia? Photo by Six intheworld.

It’s easy to start feeling dissatisfied about your job if you need a holiday. You then start thinking about jobs in the travel sector or anything that will take you abroad.

4: You act like someone going on holiday

I need ideas for this prop Buying suitcase decor? Photo by Robert Couse-Baker.

You’ve visited so many travel websites that you know all about their specials, but the only thing you haven’t done is book one. You research mini getaways, staycations, anything to make you feel that it is possible to go on holiday.

3: Anywhere but here

Eiffel Tower How about here? Photo by James Whitesmith.

You’d rather be anywhere but at your desk working. So you constantly look for distractions – checking your phone, your personal emails, your make-up … anything but work.

2: You can do with a bit of grooming

You haven’t shaved in a while and your hair can do with a visit to your hairdresser. You could be wearing two different colour socks and you wouldn’t have noticed.

1: You are always late

Ko Phi Phi Lei Dreaming of icing-sugar-sand beaches. Photo by Ashley Lourey.

You can’t get enough rest and when its time to get up again and face another day you wait till the last minute to get up.

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