10 Must-do events in the Seychelles

12 October 2018

With 115 islands to explore and year-round sunshine, there’s always something exciting happening in the Seychelles. Colourful festivals, dreamy beaches, amazing arts and vibrant music – these are just a few of the events you can look forward to throughout the year on your holiday in the Seychelles.

1. Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria – February

Floats, parades and special events mark this colourful 3-day event celebrating the rich history and different cultures that have shaped the Seychelles to this day. Taking place across Mahé Island in the first few weeks of February, it’s a memorable event not to be missed!

2. Semaine de la Francophonie – March

As the name suggests, this is a celebration of all things French. Seychelles’ culture is heavily influenced by its French history, and this week-long party taking place on Mahé Island goes all out with an array of art exhibitions, literature, music, dance, fashion and food inspired by France.

3. Seychelles Arts Festival – May

Taking place in May, the Seychelles Arts Festival is a riot of colour, music and culture curated by the National Arts Council. Local artists are invited to exhibit their work. Chefs whip up traditional Creole dishes. Native storytellers entertain with fascinating folk lore. And dance groups will have you tapping your feet to the local beats.

4. Independence Day – June

Expect plenty of fireworks, dancing, singing and flag waving at this patriotic celebration. Since gaining independence from the UK in 1976, the Seychelles comes alive on 29 June every year as locals display their national pride in true Seychellois style.

5. Festival of Classical Music – June

Music lovers definitely won’t want to miss this one. The Festival of Classical Music in June brings together some of the most talented classical musicians from around the world to play on the beautiful beaches of Mahé. Relax with a cocktail in hand on Beau Vallon Bay as the sound of live classical music accompanies the gentle lapping of waves against the shore.

6. Festival of the Assumption – August

Religious ceremonies in the Seychelles are often fun and lively affairs. On the 15th of August every year, the islanders gather on La Digue to celebrate Assumption Day. Houses are decorated, statues are spruced up and plenty of activities fill the island with music and fun. Don’t miss the bicycle tour, beauty pageant, dances and even a coconut-peeling competition!

7. Beau Vallon Regatta – August & September

The Beau Vallon Regatta is one of the most exciting events of the year. With thrilling yacht races, a swimming competition, beach games plus plenty of water sports, it’s the perfect excuse to get your feet wet!

8. Praslin Culinary & Arts Fiesta – September

Not to be outdone, Praslin has kicked off its own version of Mahé’s International Carnival. This 3-day festival features a vibrant mix of music, dancing, local art exhibitions, cooking competitions and even a marathon for those feeling particularly energetic.

9. Festival Kreol – October

Quite possibly the biggest and most popular event in the Seychelles, the Festival Kreol celebrates the rich culture and historic roots of the Seychelles. Taking place on Mahé, Praslin or La Digue in the last week of October, this 6-day celebration is all about traditional art, culture, dance, music, food and everything else Creole culture has to offer.

10. Seychelles Ocean Festival – December

This ocean-inspired festival is all about protecting the beautiful marine life and biodiversity of the islands. A fascinating and eye-opening event features film screenings, photographic exhibitions and gala dinners for eco tourists to enjoy.

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