Boeing 737-800 seats are designed with the pocket at the top to maximise legroom and you can pay for extra legroom if you wish. Seat-back screens offer a range of movies, video games and news and the in-flight menu offers hot and cold snacks and drinks for purchase. Duty-free shopping is also available onboard.

The free baggage allowance, per person, includes 1 item of hand luggage (plus 1 small laptop bag) up to 7 kgs, and smaller than 56cms x 45cms x 25cms.

You can pre-pay to check in 20kgs of luggage and there may be an option to check 30kgs or 40kgs, space permitting. Each piece must be smaller than 75cms x 55cms x 35cms. Baggage charges vary depending on whether you pre-pay for your allowance or check it in at the airport.


Passengers travelling with hand luggage only must check-in at least 1 hour before flight departure. Baggage can be checked in between 3 hours and 60 minutes before departure.