Economy class seating on Bangkok Airways’ fleet of Airbus and ATR aircraft feature seats with a 31 inch seat pitch. A measurement for leg room, this amount is fairly standard across the industry for economy class seating however taller passengers will find it to be somewhat constricting. Seat width is 18 inches on the ATRs and a generous 19.8 inches on the Airbus fleet.

A complimentary snack and beverage service is provided on flights.  While there is no on board entertainment, there are shared overhead screens on the Airbus fleet. The monitors display a real time flight map of the flight’s progress. 

Business Class

Bangkok Airways refers to its business class cabin as the Blue Ribbon Club. This dedicated business class zone is featured only on the Airbus A319 aircraft. Blue Ribbon Club is not offered on A320 or ATR flights.

One of the most enjoyable features of Blue Ribbon Club is its wide recliner seat with considerable leg room. Leg room, measured as seat pitch, totals 47 inches. Meal service includes a complimentary meal of Thai, Asian or Western style and complimentary wine, champagne and other beverages. Bangkok Airways does not provide IFE (In-flight entertainment). 

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on allowances are the same for all guests, regardless of aircraft type, destination or class of service. Each guest is permitted one carry-on item weighing no more than 5kg. Total linear dimensions (L+W+H) is 95cm for ATR operated flights and 115cm for Airbus flights.

Checked Baggage

Economy class passengers may check multiple bags however the maximum total weight of all bags combined must not exceed 20kg. Weight in excess of 20kg will be charged excess bag fees at a per kilo rate. Infants are allowed to check 10 kilograms worth of baggage.

Blue Ribbon Club guests have a free weight allowance of 30kg and infants are allowed an additional 10kg. Weight in excess of these amounts will be charged an excess fee at a per kilo rate.

Bangkok Airways excess baggage chart

Sporting Equipment

Sports equipment is included as part of the free baggage allowance amount. Weight in excess of the free allowance will be charged per kilo. Each guest is allowed one set of golf clubs. If clubs form part of an excess amount, the first 15kg in excess shall equal just 6kg for the purposes of calculating total charge. 

Surf boards must not exceed 109 inches in length and only three such articles are allowed on Airbus aircraft. Surfboards will not be accepted for flights operated by ATR aircraft.

To pack a bike in a bike box: turn the handlebars in and secure to the frame, remove pedals and front wheel if possible, lower or remove seat post and deflate tyres.


Bulky Items


Musical Equipment

If packed in a hard-sided case, musical instruments will be accepted as part of a guest’s free baggage allowance. Weight in excess of the free allowance will be charged per kilo.

Restricted or Dangerous Goods

There are several items that are restricted from flying. Liquids and gels in carry-on bags must be stored in containers under 100mL and presented to security in a clear plastic sealable bag. Weapons and dangerous goods of any kind are not permitted in the cabin or in checked baggage. These items include, but are not limited to flammable materials, gasses and liquids, toxins, explosives, fireworks, infectious materials, or petrol powered hand tools and machinery. Any questionable item in your possession must be declared to check-in staff. For a full list of restricted items or for questions on what items are permitted to fly, check with your Flight Centre consultant.

If in doubt, leave it out. Even if you accidentally take a dangerous good on board an aircraft you can be fined and penalised.


Check-in is always available at the airport ticket counter. Check-in cut off times are 45 minutes before departure.

Mobile and web check-in options are available from 24 to 2 hours prior to departure time. Passengers may choose their seats during this process and may select the number of bags they intend on checking. Passengers on international flights must still proceed to a Bangkok Airways ticket counter at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure for a passport and documentation check.

Mobile and web check-in options are open to all passengers travelling on an e-ticket, with the exception being groups of 9 or more who are on the same reservation, unaccompanied minors, those requiring special assistance, and those with a code-share flight as part of their reservation.  

International Check-in Guide

at home
  • Know what time you need to leave the house to get to the airport
  • Pack your things, check out our baggage guide
  • Have your flight itinerary ready
  • Ensure you have your valid passport ready
Getting there
  • Be at the airport at least

    120 minutes

    prior to scheduled departure time

At the airport
  • Proceed to check-in counter with passport and itinerary ready
  • Go through security
  • Continue through customs
  • Check the gate number and flight status
  • Sit down and get comfy!


Open to top tier frequent flyers and those travelling in Blue Ribbon Club, the lounge offers a comfortable and stylish space in which to work or relax. Features include Wi-Fi and computer terminals, snacks and beverages as well as reading materials. 


Flyer Bonus

FlyerBonus is the Bangkok Airways frequent flyer program. Loyal customers may accrue mileage points on Bangkok Airways flights, code-share partner flights, car rentals, hotels and various retailers.

Enrolment in the program is free and entitles the member to 15 bonus points on the next Bangkok Airways flight. There are two membership levels, Premier and Priority, and each offers a heightened level of rewards and benefits, including extra baggage allowance, lounge access and more. 

Bangkok Airways Flyer Bonus


The Bangkok Airways fleet consists of A319 aircraft in both an all economy layout and a Blue Ribbon Club and Economy configuration. All A320s are economy only as are the regional prop-liner ATRs.