Flights within Europe - Seat pitch is 31-32 inches with seat assignment and exit row seating available for a charge at time of booking.  The on-board menu is produced by renowned Irish chef Clodagh McKenna and may be pre-ordered online. Choices range from breakfast items to cheese boards, sandwiches, scones, fruit salad and more depending on time of flight. A limited number of items are available for purchase during the flight.

Transatlantic flights – For transatlantic flights the seat pitch is up to 32 inches on wide-body A330 aircraft. Seats may be selected at time of ticket purchase, with extra leg room at exit row seats available for a fee.  A main meal is included in your ticket on select transatlantic flights with optional snacks and beverages available for purchase. 

Business Class

Flight within Europe – Aer Lingus Business class is not available on flights within Europe.

Transatlantic flights – A330 aircraft are fitted with angled lie-flat sleeper seats and offer a generous 58 inch seat pitch and 21 inch seat width. All seats include a personal TV screen with a range of on-demand movies, music, games and TV programs. In-seat power is also available for charging of personal devices. A bar service with canapés is included at the beginning of the flight along with a hot meal selection, dessert, range of cheese and wines and spirits. Snacks are available on-demand.

From 2015, a new business class seat will be available for A330 transatlantic flights. 

Aer Lingus Business Class Seat

Aer Lingus Business Class Meal


Within Europe – Personal entertainment is not provided on flights within Europe. This includes flights that are operated on A319, A320 and A321 aircraft.

Transatlantic – A330 aircraft are fitted with a personal TV screen in both economy and business class. This personal entertainment system offers a range of on-demand movies, music, games and TV programs. Business class also includes in-seat power. Wi-Fi is included with all business class tickets allowing you to surf the net or work in-flight. Wi-Fi is also available to economy passengers for a small fee.  

Carry-On Baggage

All passengers on Aer Lingus flights are allowed up to one carry-on bag weighing no more than 10kg. This rule is applicable in all classes of travel. Carry-on bags that exceed this amount must be checked in. A checked bag fee will be applied and payable at the airport. Ensure your bag is within the limits as indicted to prevent any unforseen bag fees. 

Aer Lingus Carry-On Baggage guide

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage is available for a fee on all economy flights regardless of destination. Passengers can receive up to a 50% discount on fees when pre-purchase baggage online. Checked bag fees at the airport are considerably higher and are applicable per bag, in each direction of travel. 

Aer Lingus Checked Baggage Guide

Sporting Equipment

Sports equipment is classified as checked baggage and may not weigh more than 23kg per piece. Normal excess baggage fees are applied for any overweight item. A maximum of one (1) piece of sporting equipment may be carried by each passenger. A charge is payable online or at the airport and the amount is determined by the destination.

Business class passengers are able to carry sports equipment free of charge.

Examples of Sporting equipment that are allowed to travel with Aer Lingus include bikes, golf bags, diving equipment, fishing equipment, surfboards, windsurfing, snow skis and boards provided they meet airline packing specifications.

Musical Equipment

Certain musical instruments are allowed to be carried in the cabin as part of your carry-on allowance.  The maximum size allowed is 55cm high x 40cm wide x 24cm depth. Instruments must be able to slide under the seat in front of you or fit in the overhead compartment. Items that do not meet these requirements will incur a checked bag fee.

Restricted and Dangerous Goods

A full list of restricted or dangerous goods for both checked and carry-on baggage is available for download. Any item deemed dangerous, such as flammable materials, liquids and gasses or toxins, paints and radioactive materials must be declared at time of check-in.   

Check-in times vary depending on your destination. The following is a recommended guide. Business class passengers have a dedicated check-in area. All airports offer a counter check-in service with the following options.

Web Check

bound flights, web check is available between 2-30 hours prior to departure. For flights to the USA, web check is available between 2-24 hours prior to departure. Once you print your boarding passes, proceed to the bag drop area where you will check any bags. Be sure to allocate enough time for security and any immigration procedures. 

Mobile Check-In

Mobile check is available on most smart phones by simply adding your reservation details and following the prompts. An SMS with a link to your boarding pass will then be sent. Once you arrive at the airport make your way to the bag drop area if required or go straight through to security and on to your gate.

Fast-Pass Self Service

A self-service kiosk check-in is available at most airports. Simply enter your details to print your boarding passes before proceeding to the bag drop off area. Then make your way through security.

Same-Day Return

For passengers with hand baggage only, a same day return check-in option is available for most UK destinations. Passengers must also be returning to the same airport. 

Aer Lingus Check-In Guide


Passengers travelling in business class, on a flexible ticket (within Europe only) or Gold Circle Club members can present their boarding pass to the relevant lounge at your departure airport. Some airports are operated by a third party and you may need to register at the Aer Lingus check-in counter to receive a lounge pass based on your eligible boarding pass.

All lounges provide a range of meals or snacks with different beverage options and free Wi-Fi. These may vary depending on the location.

Pay-as-you-go option – Some lounges accept pre-purchased lounge passes. Valid only for the day of travel, the pass is emailed and must be printed off and presented at lounge entry.  

United Airlines lounges - Code-share partner United Airlines offers business class travellers lounge entry within the USA when connecting from an Aer Lingus flight to any United flight.  

Aer Lingus has a frequent flyer programme called the Gold Circle Club. The programme allows members to earn and redeem flights on all Aer Lingus and partner airline flights. Membership is divided into three tiers: Gold Circle Club, Prestige Circle Club, and Elite Circle Club. The different tiers offer members benefits as outlined in the table below.

Aer Lingus Frequent Flyer Table

Gold Circle Points are earned on eligible fare classes on Aer Lingus or partner airline flights. Points may then be redeemed for reward flights and upgrades. Other benefits may be included depending on your tier.

Aer Lingus operates a fleet of approximately 50 modern aircraft. 

Long Haul Fleet

Airbus A330-200

Aer Lingus A330-200

Aer Lingus A330-200 Seat Map

Airbus A330-300


Aer Lingus A330-300

Aer Lingus A330-300 Seat Map

Boeing 757-200

Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200

Short Haul Fleet

Airbus A321

Aer Lingus A321-200

Aer Lingus A321 Seat Map

Airbus A320

Aer Lingus A320

Aer Lingus A320 Seat Map

Airbus A319

Aer Lingus A319

Aer Lingus A319 Seat Map

Regional Fleet

Aer Lingus ATR