Hand Luggage:

Regulations allow you to take one piece on board with you, the weight of which should not exceed 7kg and dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23cm. You may also take one other small personal bag which is to be stored beneath the seat in front of you. Thus you could take a handbag and small suitcase, or a small suitcase and a slimline laptop bag, for example. Passengers with over-sized luggage will be required to check it at R250 per bag.

Checked Luggage:

Checked-in luggage can be purchased separately. Should you wish to add a 20kg bag to your flight, this can be selected on our Extra’s page during the online flight booking process for R155. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket for your bag through the call centre, or at the airport when you check-in for R250. For clarity, only one piece is allowed.

Extra Luggage:

Customers who need a little extra luggage are welcome to purchase an extra 20kg suitcase subject to a R250 charge, either when booking tickets online or after booking using our manage bookings portal. Note: Only available if you already have checked-luggage in your basket or on your booking.

Special Equipment:

Sports equipment will be charged at R285.00 per item per person per flight and is limited to 32kg. Sporting equipment weighing in excess of 32kg will be transported as cargo at the passengers, own expense and may not be carried on the same flight with you. Maximum dimensions allowed for sporting equipment: 190 x 75 x 65 cm

Check-in for your flight closes strictly 40min before departure. We cannot make any exceptions to rush late passengers through. Boarding gates close 15min before departure. Please be at the airport 90 minutes for your domestic flight and 120 minutes for your international flight, if not earlier in the busy season.

Late passengers will be off-loaded and may be subject to flight change fees and fare differences.

At FlySafair, we understand the need for peace of mind and comfort while waiting for your flight at the airport. As such, we have partnered with Bidvest Premier Lounges to offer you the option of sitting back and relaxing in their airport lounges for FlySafair's domestic and international flights. Lounge access is granted 2 hours before a domestic flight's departure and 4 hours for an international flight. All South African airports we fly from have lounges.

How It Works
Lounge access is booked online when purchasing your flight. After purchase, you will receive an email confirmation that the service was added. To gain access to the lounge, you will scan your boarding pass at the lounge reception. This service is valid only for the flight against which it was issued. So if you book a lounge visit for your departure flight, you will not be able to use it on your return flight if you don't get to the lounge before you leave. The lounge service is not refundable should you not get a chance to visit the lounge.

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