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Travel tips for the peak season

It’s that time of the year again – we’re counting down the days until our December holidays, booking flights, getting passports and visas ready, and doing last-minute pre-holiday shopping. We frequently get so carried away by the excitement of our upcoming trip, however, that we forget ... Continue Reading

We’re 21 – celebrate with us!

It’s Flight Centre’s 21st birthday and we’re inviting you to celebrate with us – at a destination of your choice – by making use of our 30 days of special offers. Sip a cocktail on a beach in Mauritius; scuba dive in the turquoise waters of Thailand; go for a walk in Central Park ... Continue Reading

What not to say on an airplane

Not everyone is comfortable in an airplane. Some people find flying incredibly frightening, so much so that they refuse to every step foot on an aircraft of any kind. For those that do, each minute in the air is nerve-wracking. You, as a fellow passenger, never know who you’re going to be sitting ... Continue Reading

Special meals on flights

Have you ever been on a flight and wondered why the person in the next seat receives their meal earlier than you or seems to have different food? This passenger has ordered a special meal, which caters for medical/health or religious meal requirements. Although generally not always offered ... Continue Reading

Why We ♥ Virgin Atlantic

Since its inaugural flight between London and Newarkin June 1984, Virgin Atlantic has been reinventing what it means to be an airline.  Taking a cue from sister company Virgin Records, co-founder Richard Branson brought a fresh and innovative approach to the fledgling brand, blending excellent ... Continue Reading