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Make the most of your holiday in Zanzibar with these useful #hacks

Zanzibar #hacks   A photo posted by Krista (@travelling_sunshine) on Oct 21, 2016 at 3:22am PDT   Zanzibar comes with everything you would expect from an idyllic Indian Ocean Island – pristine beaches, beautiful resorts and endless blue skies. But what really sets it apart is everything just waiting to be discovered off the well-trodden tourist route – fascinating history, traditional lifestyles and welcoming people, which together make Zanzibar the ultimate ... Continue Reading

Explore the sights and sounds of Zanzibar

As far as holiday destinations go, Zanzibar must be one of the best. It’s the ideal location for exploring wonderful sights and attractions, and for immersing yourself in a new culture. The food in Zanzibar is generally spicy, very tasty, and wholesome. Zanzibar cuisine is an evolution of tastes as Arab traders, Indian immigrants and Portuguese sailors have all contributed their influence to the flavours of the islands food. The best time of year to visit Zanzibar depends entirely on ... Continue Reading

Why we love Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a little slice of heaven on earth and is situated roughly 50km off the coast of Tanzania and boasts some of the most exquisite beaches on the planet. Its main town is called Stone Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site with Islamic and Swahili influences in its architecture and town layout dating back centuries. The island is surrounded by crystal clear water which hugs a coastline of white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and casuarinas, luxurious hotels, local markets, and ... Continue Reading

8 Tips to take better photos on your next trip

Whether you have the latest Canon EOS Digital SLR camera, or you have a smartphone with creative effects, take a look at these top tips for creating spectacular photos. When we travel, things around us are always new and unique, so why not work on capturing that feeling through your camera? 1) Get up close and personal A great photo consists of a main subject. So make the object a central point of the image and, if possible get as close as possible to it instead of using your zoom. ... Continue Reading

5 of the best honeymoon destinations

So you’re about to tie the knot, on your way to marrying your best friend and are looking forward to a life of happiness, love, fun and excitement. A honeymoon is a celebration of your love for each other and is a chance for the two of you to start your marriage off with good energy, romance, fun, excitement and relaxation. We’ve put together five uniquely fantastic destinations for you start your marriage off in true style. 1) Honeymoon in the Maldives The Maldives are a chain ... Continue Reading