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Travel Ideas

Where in the world would you rather be? Discover travel ideas and inspiration with stories from our Travel Experts. With new articles every day, you'll never run out of ideas!

Magnificent Mauritius

Centuries ago, Mauritius was known as the ‘’star and key’’ of the Indian Ocean due to its location on the shipping routes to the east. Nowadays, Mauritius conjures up images of a tropical paradise with a diverse range of cultures, exquisite coastal scenery, and delicious cuisine. Famous for its beautiful beaches and mouth-watering street food, Mauritius and its people represent not only an ideal example of a working democracy, but a multi-cultural success story as well. The island ... Continue Reading

5 food experiences to try in Cape Town

Cape Town is a magical place where food ideas flare, exciting menus develop, and restaurant concepts inspire the rest of the country. Not only can you find spectacular scenery to compliment your meal, but you will also find some of the country’s best restaurateurs with unique ideas and concepts to bring you into another world of dining. Take a look at these 5 food experiences we think you should try next time you’re in Cape Town. Seafood Buffet at Die Strandloper Eating seafood on ... Continue Reading

Why we love Mauritius

As you fly towards the island of Mauritius, you see the deep blue see gradually fading into lighter blues and heavenly turquoise. The clean, clear water laps onto the white sandy beaches which are lined with palm trees, luxury hotels and exciting markets waiting to be explored. In the middle of the island, to add to the dramatic beauty of Mauritius, sits a magnificent dormant volcano. Like us, you will also fall in love with Mauritius at first sight! The Beaches of Mauritius Take a ... Continue Reading

Travelling Solo – the what, the where, and the how

Travelling on your own can be a thrilling, yet daunting experience. It’s a chance to find out more about who you are - your limits and capabilities. Whether you take a 12 month sabbatical, or venture into the unknown for a week or two, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you stay safe, have fun and make the most of your once in a lifetime experience. Keep it simple When travelling alone, there is no one who will keep your space in the que, watch your bags ... Continue Reading

Pokémon Go Travel

Nineties kids will remember the Pokémon craze, which kept them busy for hours on end before, during and after school, and the craze is back, but this time you need to get out and about to play this virtual reality game. Pokémon Go is bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world by enticing the player to get out and explore their surroundings with the aim of finding the Pokémon, and these little guys are waiting for you across the globe. Pokémon Go The Pokémon Go ... Continue Reading