Green Travel

Green Travel Fast Facts

  • 1 billion tourists are travelling across the world each year
  • Aviation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gases
  • One transatlantic return flight emits as much carbon dioxide as an average car does in one year
  • Buses have 5 times less CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre than a plane on the same route
Green travel


The various types of transport you decide to use whilst on holidays will have associated environmental consequences, whether it be in terms of the energy they use, the noise and exhaust emissions they generate or the infrastructure they require.

Walking and cycling are the best forms of green travel. Taking public transport such as a train or a local bus is also an environmentally friendly travel option. Using public transport is cost effective, there's no stress involved with rising petrol prices, parking, getting lost, the schedules are frequent and it's a great way to meet the local people while, most importantly, reducing your carbon emission.

In cases where there is no travel alternative to flying, you can still choose to have a positive impact on the environment. This can be done through supporting airlines prepared to invest in more energy-efficient aircraft and carbon emission offset schemes.

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