Green Travel

Green Travel Fast Facts

  • 1 billion tourists are travelling across the world each year
  • Aviation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gases
  • One transatlantic return flight emits as much carbon dioxide as an average car does in one year
  • Buses have 5 times less CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre than a plane on the same route
Green travel


Green Travel focuses on minimising negative environmental impact whilst contributing something positive to the natural and cultural environment. A green holiday encourages responsible interaction with the environment and wilderness enabling tourists to have a more authentic and rewarding travel experience. Going green doesn't mean roughing it these days, you can experience everything nature has to offer in the comfort of an eco resort, eco lodge or eco hotel.

A green holiday encourages a sustainable relationship through choosing more eco-friendly transport options such as public transport (bus and rail), it also encourages walking and cycle activities and looks at ways to make a positive impact on your immediate environment, such as offsetting your carbon emissions and looking at reducing carbon footprints.

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