Green Travel

Green Travel Fast Facts

  • 1 billion tourists are travelling across the world each year
  • Aviation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gases
  • One transatlantic return flight emits as much carbon dioxide as an average car does in one year
  • Buses have 5 times less CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre than a plane on the same route
Green hints and tips

Green Tips and Hints

Being green is easy!

We all want to do our bit to help out the environment not only for ourselves but for future generations. And in order to minimise the impact you have on a destination, there are many simple, every day choices you can make to ensure you are eco friendly whilst enjoying your much deserved holiday.

Here are some examples of green travel options:

  • Where possible travel by train or bus instead of plane. Or to really make an impact ride a bike
  • If renting a car, choose a smaller size vehicle
  • If possible car pool if going in a large group
  • If flying, use self-check in or online check in, saving time in long queues and wasting unnecessary paper
  • Keep showers shorts, and turn the water off whilst you're brushing your teeth.
  • When you leave the hotel room, make sure you turn off the air conditioning, heat, television, lights or any other electric devices.
  • Reuse sheets and towels instead of changing them everyday. Most hotels these days will not replace your towels if you leave them hanging up neatly
  • Adjust the temperature of the room when you leave it, ask staff not to adjust your settings
  • Recycle the daily newspapers that hotels often deliver in the morning
  • Instead of using the hotel's provided pre-packaged toiletries, use your own
  • Recycle your bottles, paper etc, find out your hotel's recycling program and then sort your trash accordingly
  • Rather than sending postcards, email photos and send e-cards, doing this saves paper, postage and the C02 emissions from the postcard's journey
  • If holidaying in remote areas where local water is undrinkable, try not to buy bottled water or drink boiled water. Instead use purifying tables or iodine, because they leave no waste and use no energy
  • Minimise your waste on any walking, tours, beach days, ensure you stick to designated walking tracks and tread lightly on any fragile landscape
  • Take a tour with a local guide and get a real appreciation for the place
  • Buy in local shops and eat in authentic restaurants. This will add to the destination's sustainable tourism and help reduce your carbon footprint while you are away.
  • Provide your hotel with any relevant feedback. Offer any ideas for improvements with their eco-friendly management.
  • Carry out all your rubbish, make an effort to carry out rubbish left by less thoughtful people
  • Never bury rubbish, digging disturbs the soil and ground cover and encourages erosion
  • Don't use toothpaste or detergent in or near waterways

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