Zanzibar Holiday Experience

16 August 2012


Also known as the Spice Island or ‘Unguja’, Zanzibar is known as the most desired holiday destinations, and for good reason. The main island has a fascinating array of fauna, which closely relates to that of the connecting mainland of Africa during the last ice age, including the Zanzibar red colobus, the Zanzibar leopard and the Zanzibar servaline ganet.



Zanzibar Sunset

There are various Zanzibar packages that will ensure that you can experience everything the island has to offer at unbeatable rates. In regards to culture there is a lot to take in and admire. In Stone Town you should certainly make time to see the Livingstone House, the Guliani Bridge, the House of Wonders and Palace Museum.


Another fascinating cultural gem features in the town of Kidichi and is locally known as the hamman (Persian baths) and was built during the reign of Barghash bin Said. Some other must-see cultural marvels include;


  • The Mbweni Ruins consists of the remains of St Mary’s School for Girls which was built between 1871 and 1874 by missionaries. Also located at Mangapwani you can take an enthralling tour of the old slave chambers, coral caves and stroll along the beautiful white sandy beaches.
  • The Prison Island Changuu is one of the main cultural areas of the island and also has breathtaking snorkelling spots where you can admire giant tortoises.
  • What was once used as a Christian cemetery is now a popular tourist attraction, the Chapwani islands also known as the Grave Island. 
  • There are various Zanzibar packages out there promising an unforgettable holiday experience, just make sure yours enables you to visit the Chumbe Island Coral Park. It’s only a short 10 kilometres south of Stone Town and boasts with a protected reef with up to 350 different species of fish as well as 60 species of birds. 


Flight Centre offers incredible Zanzibar packages where you can take the time to explore and admire all corners of the island ensuring an unforgettable getaway.


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