Five Reasons to Visit Vietnam

Five Reasons to Visit Vietnam

27 September 2017

Vietnam is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world, and that’s just one of many reasons to add it to the list of places you’d like to see. Here are five reasons to visit Vietnam.

It’s Affordable

Vietnam has become well-known as a budget-friendly destination, and is in many cases a cheaper alternative to other Asian countries and other parts of the world. Right from accommodation, where you can stay in a hotel with a higher rating for far less than other countries, to food, which includes affordable street food that is some of the best in the world. Beers retail at a couple of cents (in dollars) and you can get a decent meal at under R30. Activities also work out to be fairly cheap, which means you’ll get to have the full travel experience in Vietnam—“fancy” activities and all.

The People

Many people who’ve been to Vietnam will all agree that the Vietnamese are some of the friendliest and hospitable people in the world. It’s their willingness to help and the unique qualities of each region that make your trip especially interesting. For example, people from Hoi An are known for their honesty, while those from Hue are better known for how polite they are. No matter which region you’re in, you are definitely going to be met with smiles around every corner and hospitality at every turn.

Nom Nom Nom

Noodles, brothy soups, spring rolls and street food—Vietnam has it all. Vietnamese food is copied all over the world and has been transformed in many countries, but nothing comes close to the real deal. The meals are all prepared very proudly and with fresh ingredients and herbs. Vegetarians and pescatarians will be pleased to know that there are as many options for them to enjoy as there are for their meat-eating friends. Don’t be afraid to try the street food in Vietnam too, since these goodies are not only a trademark of sorts in Vietnam, but they’re also nothing short of mouth-watering. Vietnamese food is famous for being fresh and healthy, so this could potentially be one holiday that doesn’t see you return home with a few extra centimeters on your hips!

While Italy is usually the first place to come to mind when someone mentions “the best coffee in the world”, after a trip you Vietnam you will surely be left daydreaming about some of the best coffee you’ve ever tried. You won’t come across commercial franchised coffee-stores in Vietnam. Instead, you’ll find French drop coffee around every corner. You definitely have to try a cup of cap he sua da—iced coffee with condensed milk. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of coffee, your tastebuds will be missing out if you turn down an opportunity to taste this cup of heaven.

It’s Easy

Vietnam generates a good chunk of its revenue from tourism, and so they take tourism and ensuring that travellers are comfortable very seriously. As a result, travelling feels fairly easy and because so many of the locals speak English it’s pretty stress-free to find out where you are, where you should go and so on. As mentioned, it helps that the people are so helpful and friendly to begin with. Getting around is fairly easy too, with bicycle rides being a very popular form of transport, boat rides on “junk boats” and, of course, scooters.

More for Less…

… And we’re not just talking about value for money. When you go to Vietnam, you get to see more no matter how long you’re there for or how many different parts of the country you’re visiting. Small clusters of islands, incredible cliffs, rainforests, caves, beautiful sandy beaches and rice terraces are just some of the stunning sights you’ll be taking in when you’re in Vietnam. Whether you want to enjoy a little cruise on a boat or go hiking through the rolling hills all around, you get to experience so many different landscapes and activities thanks to the beauty and diversity of Vietnam. With more than 3000 kilometers of beaches to explore, it’s no wonder that Vietnam’s beaches are world-famous; you can also take advantage of their well-developed beach culture with some kite-running and wind-surfing. If “outdoorsy” activities aren’t up your alley, you can take in the amazing culture and enjoy the likes of cooking classes and tours. Enjoy anything from sleeping on a deluxe junk boat in a private cabin to a night on a sleeper train or even just in a hotel. You will get to experience travelling at its best, with great stories to come home with. Start planning your trip to Vietnam and make use of our exclusive Vietnam offer or contact one of our travel experts today to help you travel to Vietnam sooner rather than later.

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