Winning the homework battle, one day at a time

2 April 2020

It seems like a lifetime ago when we had so much to do and so little time to fit it all in.

Now a few days into National Lockdown, sitting in a spotlessly clean house with a 12 year old, we realise we can no longer put the studying and lesson plans off. It’s time to don the teacher’s cap and revisit grade 7 Mathematics, English, Afrikaans and a firm favourite of ours…..Geography.

Here are some tricks of the trade which we are learning through these trying times:

- Be very strict with the time you set aside for school work. Keep to the hours during the day which you set aside.

- Plan what you are going to cover each day. Focus on a different subject each day as this will help you as well as your child / children to be comfortable with what is being covered.

- Encourage maximum participation and find out what excites your child about the subject you are covering. Interaction and fun are great ways through which the brain retains knowledge.

- Use real life examples when explaining things. Examples that your child can relate to that are part of their life.

- Take regular breaks and if possible, go outside, stretch and get some fresh air into those lungs.

- Positive reinforcement is always a winner. You know what they enjoy so once they have achieved what you set out for them at the start, reward them with something that they want to do or have that can be accomplished at home.

Schools have been adding website addresses and tips to their online communicators….here is the help at hand, the lesson plans, the past papers and the answers. It’s not all doom and gloom, we can do this! We are navigating these new waters together with help from the experts.

A little extra...

As part of our own curriculum, we have decided to learn about different countries and every day we visit a new destination and absorb everything we can about the cultures, food, music and dances of these magical lands around our world. YouTube is a fountain of knowledge, songs, dances, people and foods which we invite right into our home bringing our dreams to life as we laugh and dance with locals from countries afar.

Yes, right now we have so much time but when you look deeper, we have so much with which to fill these days.