Why a Real Food Adventures should be your next trip!

14 February 2018

If you eat a delicious meal but don’t post a picture on Instagram, did you really it? Whether you agree with this philosophy or not, our Read Food Adventures will give you plenty of Insta-worthy meals to enjoy. It doesn’t stop there, these tours also see to it that you are able to enjoy the destination you’re visiting with amazing itineraries that don’t just include tastes, but the sights and sounds of wherever you’re visiting too. 

What is a Real Food Adventure?
It’s all there in the name—it’s a food adventure. This is a holiday that lets you discover new places through amazing meals and culinary experiences, while also giving you the chance to master local dishes, try unusual delicacies and enjoy entertaining itineraries.

What are some of the destinations I could be visiting?
Vietnam - As much about the tour as it is about the food, this tour in particular will see you enjoy a motorbike trip, overnight boat cruise, herb garden bicycle tour as part of your itinerary, not to mention visits to the Imperial citadel, War Remnants Museum and a city tour. That’s not even including all the cooking classes, tea-tastings and other stops to savour.

Sri Lanka - Elaborate fortresses? Check. Seafood so fresh you literally see it caught before your eyes? Check. A Jeep safari in Yala National Park? Check. Culture, adventure and of course, cuisine are just the tip of the temple when it comes to exploring this beautiful part of the world.

South Italy - You can handle your liquor, but can you handle your liqueur? Embrace the grown-up in you with a syrupy Liqueur tasting in Matera, a traditional Olive Oil and Wine Tasting in Masseria, and a Campania Cooking Class in Sorrento (to name a few of the exciting tastings and destinations planned).

Mexico - Something to taco 'bout with friends back home, a Read Food Journey to Mexico will change your life and the way you enjoy Mexican food forever. Enjoy a "Taco Crawl" in Mexico City, a Centro Historico food tour and lunch, along with a Puebla city food tour and fishing expedition (complete with a Ceviche breakfast).

The Balkans - Eat your way through the Balkans over an eleven-night foodie adventure. Perhaps one of the most jam-packed Real Food Adventures, this tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy a Smokehouse visit and tasting, an olive oil farm visit, Old Bazaar lunch in Prizren, a traditional lunch in Gracanica, a traditional home-cooked dinner in Leunovo; along with a bee-keeping masterclass, a number of cooking classes, a wine tasting, lunch in Villa Dihovo and an amazing Green Market Picnic (yes, you absolutely will return home with a few extra kilos, but who's even counting?).

Is there more to a Real Food Adventure than good food?
Food is just one of many reasons to give a Real Food Adventure a shot. But it won’t just be the inside of kitchens, cafes and restaurants that you see. All of the Real Food Adventure itineraries allow time to explore the amazing cities you’re visiting, and include museums, iconic stops, tours and activities. You’ll also get to meet like-minded people who love food as much as you do. With so much to keep you busy, it’s no wonder you’ll always be working up an appetite and ready for whichever delicious meal is next.

How will I know if a Real Food Adventure is for me?
If you’re more about the least effort necessary when it comes to enjoying your meal, you may want to give this a miss. A Real Food Adventure is an adventure in and of itself, and will see you taking part in cooking classes, tastings, tours and sightseeing. These tours are for people who love to collect experiences, not things, and who are amped on the idea of walking away from a holiday with a couple of extra skills.

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