Why We ♥ Virgin Atlantic

9 October 2013

Since its inaugural flight between London and Newarkin June 1984, Virgin Atlantic has been reinventing what it means to be an airline.  Taking a cue from sister company Virgin Records, co-founder Richard Branson brought a fresh and innovative approach to the fledgling brand, blending excellent service with popular culture.  Today, Virgin is a globally recognized super-brand.  From the signature red lipstick of the air hostesses, to the latest in in-flight entertainment, to the chic hideaway of their Clubhouses, the Virgin experience is taking air travel to all new heights.  Here’s the top reasons why we love Virgin!

# 5 – Vera Entertainment

Thanks to Vera, Virgin’s signature in-flight entertainment system, travellers can enjoy an unparalleled selection of movies, television, music and even games.  From pre take-off videos on demand to an extensive library of music, their award winning content will help you sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

#4 – Aeromobile

In today’s age of communication, staying connected is more important than ever before.  With Virgin’s latest innovation, Aeromobile, travellers can e-mail, text, surf the internet and even make calls all from 30,000 ft.  Plus, with their cool Virgin Atlantic mobile app,you can check in for your next flight or find a great place to eat with their London city guide - all from the comfort of your seat.

Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic


#3 – Extra Legroom Seats

For those that don’t want the responsibility of sitting in an exit row, Virgin has introduced extra-legroom seats.  Offering an additional 3” of space, travellers can enjoy even greater comfort when flying Economy Class.  Perfect for tall passengers or those travelling with children, ask about availability upon check-in or pre-arrange through their travel agent and add a little luxury to your flight.

# 2 –Flying Club

With a generous loyalty programme, travellers can get the most out of their hard earned points.  From upgrading to Premium Economy or Upper Class to spending points with a wide range of local partners, Virgin’s 3-tier programme offers industry leading rewards.  Plus, with exclusive access to the Virgin Group, you can use your points to book rail, cruise, hotel or even suborbital space flights on Virgin Galactic!

#1 – The Clubhouse

With 10 Clubhouse lounges in key destinations across the globe, Virgin has redefined airport luxury.  From imaginative spaces perfect for relaxing before your flight to gourmet culinary creations to spa services* each clubhouse offers a unique experience.  Relax with a freshly mixed cocktail at the bar, get a bit of work done or simply relax. Complimented by Virgin’s incredible service, the Clubhouse is the perfect pre-take off hideaway.

*available at London Heathrow and Gatwick lounges.

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