22 May 2017

Tall futuristic buildings tower overhead, as Ferraris and Lamborghinis whizz down the city streets leading to luxurious shopping malls, man-made islands, desert adventures and some of the world’s best theme parks. Dubai is bustling hub of activity, where cultures from around the world come to seek their fortunes or simply to enjoy the finer things in life.

Dubai is a city like no other

As a relatively new city, Dubai has a fresh sense of modernity to it. With some of the world’s most interesting and tallest buildings, engineering feats such as the palm and world islands, and immense wealth, Dubai definitely seems to be the city of the future.

What to see and do in Dubai

For shopping enthusiasts, there is one place you can’t miss, and that is the Dubai Mall. As the world’s biggest shopping and entertainment facility, you could spend a week just shopping at the over 1,200 retail stores in the mall.

Make sure you don’t miss a chance to experience a 4x4 adventure, as it’s a fantastic way to see another side to the city and its outskirts. Spend the day in the dunes, ride a camel, and settle down to a delightful sunset dinner, surrounded by traditional décor, and enjoying fantastic cuisine, it’s an experience you will never forget.

If you’re comfortable at heights, the views from the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa can be absolutely breath-taking. For those adrenaline junkies who are more than comfortable with heights, a chance to skydive in Dubai is an experience of a lifetime, as you fly high over the city and admire the spectacle of Dubai.

Other attractions not to miss include the IMG Worlds of Adventure, the outdoor theme parks, the beaches, the nightlife and so much more.

Getting around in Dubai

There are plenty of taxis available throughout the city, and if you really feel like splashing out, you can hire an Uber helicopter to get you around. Otherwise simply make use of the driverless tram and metro system, hire a car, or make use of the many water taxis and ferries. If you like your independence there are plenty of car rental options from luxurious sports cars, to off road vehicles, to your daily run-around types. 

Dubai is a city like no other and is a definite must see if you enjoy non-stop action and fun on your holidays. Don’t worry though; there are also plenty of beaches, luxurious hotels, and spa facilities for you to relax and enjoy. Dubai has it all, so contact your Flight Centre Consultant to day to find out more.