Unusual marriage proposals

12 February 2018

Unusual marriage proposals she (or he) can’t say no to

Looking for a creative and memorable way to pop the question to your travel-loving significant other without it being a cliché? The world truly is your oyster when it comes to one-of-a-kind, unusual marriage proposals.

Destination proposals have become a bit of an industry, but there’s no better place to look for inspiration than beyond borders for exciting proposals, and to satisfy your travel bug at the same time, says Nicky Potgieter, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) Leisure Marketing Leader.

“If you’re overwhelmed by the variety of romantic destinations and experiences the world offers, try speaking to a travel expert who’ll get to know you, and your future wife or husband to be, to suggest the right option for you. For true romantics, the proposal is as important as the honeymoon so it’s important to make the right choices.”

If you’re in search of some inspiration, Potgieter offered up Flight Centre’s five most exotic and unusual marriage proposals:


Wedding bells and worms

Forget starlit skies and opt for New Zealand’s Arachnocampa luminosa instead. As far as unusual marriage proposals go, this particular glow worm species sets the mood as you drift through the darkness of the mysterious Waitomo Caves preparing yourself to reveal your own glowing ring. Besides enjoying these illuminous critters, New Zealand’s landscape forms a dramatic backdrop for couples to explore together with its untouched lakes, rivers, waterfalls, volcanic mountains, hot springs and massive glaciers.


A little llama love

It’s not only the incredible views over the ancient city of Machu Picchu that make it a good spot for one of the most unusual marriage proposals, but more so the photo-bombing llamas ready to congratulate you with their biggest toothy-snout grins. Besides mingling with these woolly onlookers, the guided Salkantay trek is a must for couples as the route takes you through the Intipunku (Sun Gate) for a legendary sunrise view over Machu Picchu. It’s important to plan this through an officially licensed tour operator who can arrange your permits, as only 500 are released per day.


Death on one knee

Forget Valentine’s Day on the 14th of Feb. Do a 180 with a proposal during the Day of the Dead (Día de la Muertos) celebrated on the 2nd of November this year. This unique festival takes place in the Mexican town of Oaxaca and is a continuation of ancient Aztec rituals meant to honour those who have passed. Once you have enjoyed the macabre parades, candy skulls and celebratory tequila, join your local guide for a backstage pass to observe cemetery vigils in the towns of Xoxocotlan and Atzompa, and the nearby ruins of Monte Albán or Mitla.


All apes in attendance

Imagine celebrating your special moment in the company of endangered mountain gorillas, high up in the forests of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. As far as unusual marriage proposals go, this is also possibly the most unique travel experience for couples to do together, crossing green-terraced hillsides, lush banana plantations and tangled forests in search of these elusive primates. If this sounds like a proposal destination for you, be sure to go through a travel agent who can arrange an all-inclusive experience, as well as your gorilla permits.


Geek out on G-Force

When it comes to “launching” those unusual marriage proposals, look no further than the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida. You can time your visit during a live rocket launch, view icons of NASA spaceflight operations, launch into space aboard the Shuttle Launch Experience and touch a real moon rock, just before revealing your own “out of this world” diamond rock. From this gateway to space, opt for a tailor made holiday package that aligns with your interests as you make your way through the USA.