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8 October 2013

For centuries, the Dead Sea has been hailed for its innumerable healing properties.  From the high content of salt, to the silky mud of the sea floor rich with minerals, to thermo mineral hot springs, it has become a famous spa and leisure destination sought after by wellness travellers the world over.  Boasting luxurious resorts running along the coast, visitors can explore the regions natural beauty while enhancing their own.  At an elevation of 400 metres below sea level, the Dead Sea is a place like no other on earth.  Surrounded by vast desert mountains even the air is different.

With high oxygen levels (roughly 6% higher than anywhere else in the world), as well as increased quantities of bromide and magnesium, those suffering from respiratory illnesses such as cystic fibrosis have often found relief here.  In addition to the air quality,  people who have skin conditions such as psoriasis find the gentler sun to be more soothing than at destinations at or above sea level. With thousands of Health Clinics surrounding the sea, travellers can select from a wide range of therapeutic and beauty treatments that incorporate the healing elements of the region.

Dead Sea Dead Sea

Enjoy luxurious massages, mud wraps, ultrasound therapies, laser treatments and much more.  Using state of the art technology, clinics in the region are on the cutting edge of industry innovation.  For those that don’t want to spend every day at the spa, the Dead Sea boasts a variety of unique activities that enable you to explore the region.  Go snorkelling or scuba diving, strike out on a camel desert trek or take a guided hike or camping tour.   For those that want to experience the local culture, the sea borders Israel, Palestine as well as Jordan making it the perfect point from which to embark on a trip.  Explore the historic streets of Petra in Jordan.  Famous for it’s rock cut architecture, Petra offers a unique taste of the Middle East.  Or, visit the holy city of Jerusalem.  With an incredible history and world famous religious attractions, Jerusalem is a must visit.

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