Trending Destinations to Add to Your 2019 Travel List

1 February 2019

Trending Destinations to Add to Your 2019 Travel List

From Scotland to South America, 2019 is the year to catch some of the newer destinations which are   on the rise to stardom. They’re the hottest new travel spots and holiday hubs; the trending destinations that you should definitely add to your 2019 travel wishlist right now.


With more and more flights connecting South Africa to South America, countries like Argentina and Brazil are becoming easier to access; and that is nothing but good news for us! Brazil has received plenty of attention as an up and coming travel destination but Argentina is still less travelled….for now. See the Iguazu Falls in person, gorge on Argentinian beef (some of the best in the world), watch a polo match with the masters of the sport, see a tango show and explore the Glacier National Park – it will leave you speechless.



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Sure, Japan isn’t exactly a secret – but for South Africans, this is the year to visit. Why? The Rugby World Cup, of course! With the Springboks playing New Zealand in their first match, you’re guaranteed to get some good action whether they make the finals or not. Now team that with exploring temples, lunching on ramen, marvelling at Japan’s modern, high-tech infrastructure and experiencing their ancient culture and traditions. There’s never been a better time to visit, but you’ll need to start saving now!



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Instead of London, Scotland is where you should be dreaming of,  if you’re planning a trip to the UK in 2019. Edinburgh is a beautiful, vibrant and cosmopolitan city which will delight and surprise you, so spending a few days looking into its nooks and crannies is highly recommended. The Scottish Highlands look like as though they have been plucked straight out of a fantasy novel,  with rocky peaks, expansive valleys and dramatic lochs shrouded in mist. And it doesn’t stop there. Scotland is an Instagram treasure trove, thanks to white sand beaches (yes really!), ancient stone castles, craggy mountains, and beautiful gothic buildings. The Hebridean Whisky Trail not only lets you taste the finest of Scotland’s golden tipple, but shows you the stunning scenery of the Scottish Hebrides, where you’ll stumble upon long-forgotten rural Gaelic communities, rustic fishing villages and rolling emerald hills.



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The Philippines

As exciting as new cities and tourist trips are, sometimes you just want to escape the rat race and spend a week lying on a blissfully beautiful beach with nothing but the sound of occasional water splashes and cocktail glasses clinking to distract you. So why not consider going a bit further away than Mauritius and head to the beautiful Philippines.
With over 7000 islands making up the Philippines, you’re spoilt for choice on where to go. Siargao is one of the most beautiful islands of them all; you’ll have to connect through Manila or Cebu but it will be one million percent worth it. There’s plenty of snorkelling and day trips to other islands. Or you could visit one of the less built up islands like Boracay, a fabulous destination with four kilometres of pristine beach (once voted the best in the world) and no shortage of nightlife, in the form of bars and restaurants,  to keep you occupied in the evenings. If you want to mix up your beach getaway with a chance to let your hair down, Boracay is your best bet.

The Philippines:


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New Zealand

Travel to the land of the Lord of the Rings and you’ll be rewarded with terrain that’s beautifully wild, untouched and pristine. As you wind your way through the North and South islands, you’ll see ever-changing landscapes, from snow capped mountains and crystal blue lakes through to beautiful rainbow shades of fauna and flora.  And there’s more, including lush subtropical forests, rugged coastlines, glaciers, glow worm caves, volcanoes, and hot springs.
It’s an adventure paradise where thrill-seekers can get their adrenaline rush from a choice of activities. If skydiving isn’t your thing, maybe bungee jumping, paragliding, white water rafting, ziplining, caving, kayaking, or abseiling? Basically, think of any adventure sport – New Zealand has it in spades.
The Kiwi people are extremely friendly and helpful too; as long as you don’t count what happens during the length of an important rugby match. You’ll feel right at home with their hospitality and willingness to help.

New Zealand:


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So there we have it – five trending destinations to consider for 2019. Want to take your holiday from daydreams to reality? Flight Centre can help.