Travelling with Animals

7 February 2013


For many, travelling with the whole family includes bringing along your furry four-legged friends.  But, with so many regulations and rules especially for air travel, taking your pet away on your next holiday may seem daunting.  At Flight Centre, we love animals and understand how important your pets are, that’s why we have compiled our top tips for travelling with paws!


If you are planning on vacationing domestically by car, one of the most important parts of planning your journey is considering your pet.  For starters, make sure they have a comfortable place in the vehicle with familiar items from home (perhaps their favourite toy) to make them feel safe.


Household Pets Household Pets


If you are travelling domestically by air, check with the airline first regarding particular regulations for travelling with pets.  With the exception of guide dogs, most airlines require all animals to be checked as manifested cargo in an IATA approved carrier crate specific to your pet’s size and weight (see or your airlines website for more information).  Be sure to check these sources well in advance of your departure and before purchasing a crate to avoid buying the wrong size as regulations can be very specific.


For those hoping to take their animals on an international adventure, check with the receiving country before making any concrete plans.  If you are just going for a visit, sometimes regulations, vaccinations and paperwork can be so arduous that it may be less complicated and more cost effective to leave your furry friend safe at home.  For those planning a permanent relocation to another country, or simply must have their pet along, it is well worthwhile to contact an agency specializing in pet relocation to help you through the process as regulations vary from country to country.

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