5 Awesome travel hacks

5 Awesome travel hacks

3 July 2017

Let’s face it, travelling can be stressful.

It’s not so much the scheduling, or even the spending, and (for some) it’s not the actual travelling either. It’s everything that goes into that never-big-enough-for-everything suitcase that never seems big enough for anything.

But, thanks to the wonder of Life Hacks and global communities, travelling doesn’t have to be so complicated anymore. And, with our travel hacks you might just fit everything you need in your bags.

So, tighten your seatbelts: your travelling is about to get a whole lot smoother…

Super Sweet #TravelHacks

Shoes, shampoo's and stuff you think you can't live without just yet... With our super handy #travelhacks, nothing gets left behind:

Hack #1 – Roll Overs

When packing your suitcase, roll your clothes to save space and avoid wrinkles

  • Group knits, wools and cottons together
  • Roll softer garments and fold stiffer ones
  • Arrange the rolled items at the bottom of the bag
  • Place folded items on top of it
  • Cover the pile with a dry sheet

Hack #2 – Coiled Tightly Together

Store your loose cables/chargers in an old sunglasses case to keep everything in one place

You can also use binder clips to hold cords together, making sure there are no tangles or kinks in your cables.

Hack #3 – Shop ‘til it drops

If you plan on doing a lot of shopping, pack a smaller suitcase inside of a bigger suitcase for later use

Also, remember to call your bank before travelling, so that you're authorised for international purchases.

Carrying a debit/credit card is also safer when travelling abroad, as it is easier to replace and more convenient to shop with (Mastercard or Visa?).

Hack #4 – Super Sample Sizes

If you want to bring a small amount of concealer or lotions, put them in contact cases

Carrying big bottles of lotion or shampoo can really waste space if you’re not going to use all of it. Replace big bottles with smaller pill holders or travel sizes to save up space. Pack all your medication and vitamins into a small bottle instead of bringing multiple bulky containers.

You can also put cling wrap under the lid of your toiletries to keep them from leaking all over your suitcase.

Hack #5 – Footsie Footsie

Fill shoes with smaller items like socks or underwear.

By wrapping your shoes in a shower cap, you can also keep dirty soles from touching your clothing.

Another option is to pack your clothes in vacuum pack bags. However, it is difficult to repack once you’ve taken the clothes out of the bag.

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