Travel Insurance Checklist

14 May 2019

Choosing the correct Travel Insurance Policy can be a confusing process, which is why we have put together a summary checklist for you:

A traveller’s age
    *  Make sure that you consider pre-existing illness cover if you have a pre-existing condition.
    *  There are higher excesses and cardio and cerebrovascular exclusions for travellers from age 70

    1. Pre-existing illness cover is a separate benefit and will not cover out-of-hospital costs

   2. Ensure you have enough Cancellation and Curtailment cover should you be forced to cancel your trip before travelling. Remember to look up exactly what is covered under the Cancellation and              Curtailment section of your policy – this section of the policy wording specifies the exact perils insured.

    3.  If you are travelling to a malaria area, make sure you are covered for tropical diseases on your policy

    4.  Manual labour related injuries are excluded from a standard policy. If you are a business traveller, purchase a policy that will include cover for those injuries

    5.  Take note of :

    * -  excesses on the various benefits
    * -  single – item limits on luggage
    * -  exclusions for hazardous activities
    * -  exclusions for participation in professional sports or organised sports events
    * - travelling against the advice of your doctor
    * - leaving your belongings unattended
    * - reporting your luggage loss in the area where it occurred within 48 hours

    1. • Visa Denied cover will only insure South Africa passport holders who have applied in time and have a current passport and all the documents required by the authorities for the application. You cannot have a criminal record

    2. • Free cover is limited, make sure you boost it with comprehensive cover

    3. • Keep the emergency contact details at hand, and save copies of your insurance and travel documents where you can access them