Top Tips for Traveling with Children

16 November 2012



With the holidays right around the corner this means traveling with the whole family.  If you have young ones, travel can fill parents with excitement and also a certain amount of dread.  To make your holiday plans run as smoothly as possible we’ve compiled some of our top tips for traveling with children.


Airports and airplanes can be a parent’s biggest travel challenge.  From customs to long waits to board the aircraft – children are apt to be restless, bored and possibly anxious about flying.  By being well prepared ahead of time you can breeze through the check-in and customs process leaving more quality time to spend with your children before take-off.

Grumpy Kids


To make this pre-flight process run smoothly, don’t leave packing to the last minute. Take time to get organized before your trip to avoid headaches during check-in and security.  Start by making a packing list for each person in your family. Make sure you have included favourite toys, books and games to keep kids busy.  If you’re travelling with an infant, plan out what you’re going to take in the carry-on diaper bag.


Most importantly, keep contents restrictions for liquids and gels in mind as well as baggage weight restrictions.  You can contact your travel agent or the airline to find out what they are in advance.  By planning things out ahead of time you will eliminate over-packing, forgetting important things, having to pay extra for overweight luggage and dragging along unnecessary items.


After you have everyone packed, arrange your family’s travel documents including a pen.  Be sure to put these somewhere accessible, while in the airport and on the plane.  If you’re traveling internationally, you will need them to fill out customs forms on the plane.


So, you’ve finally got everyone safely on the plane and you’re ready for take-off.  At some point during a long flight you can be sure your children will squirm, cry, kick the seat in front of them etc.  Keep your kids entertained and from disturbing your fellow passengers with these helpful tips.  Pack some yummy snacks that you know they love.  These are especially helpful during take-off and landing when other sources of entertainment are not permitted.  Also, make sure you’ve got their favourite toys and books in your carry-on luggage.  If you have a tablet or smartphone, this can be a great supplement to in-flight entertainment and provide endless hours of distraction for restless little ones.


Lastly, relax, have fun and enjoy the time together with your kids.  Family holidays are a great bonding time and will be remembered for years to come.  No matter what your plans are this year, these easy tips can help make your holiday season a happy one.


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