Top 5 Travel Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

7 May 2014

You’ve finally executed the perfect pack.  Your clothes are neatly folded in your suitcase, your liquids are carefully measured and sealed, and you’ve got your passport and all itineraries in a safe, convenient place.  You are a packing genius who has remembered every last thing!  But wait…before you zip your suitcase we’ve pulled together our list of the top 5 travel items you shouldn’t leave home without.

#5 –Flashlight

Especially handy for travel to more isolated locales, a flashlight can be an incredibly useful item, even if you’re staying at a resort.  From getting back to your room at night to going for a moonlight stroll on the beach, it’s a small tool that can make a world of difference.

Travel Suitcase/ Map Don't forget these few NB items before running to the airport

#4 – Copies of Emergency Numbers

When you need assistance, the last thing you want to be doing is desperately searching for an important phone number.  Before you leave on holiday, make a few printed copies of emergency numbers such as travel agent, bank, insurance company and consular office in the country you’re visiting and keep them in your various travel items.   Chances are you will never need them, but at the end of the day, it’s better to be prepared.

# 3 – Portable Charger/Power Adaptor

In today’s world of technology, everything seems to run on a battery.  From your cell phone to electric toothbrush, you’ll want to make sure you can charge up when your trusty gadget goes flat.  By taking a portable charger with the right cords to fit each of your devices, you don’t have to mess about trying to find an outlet when you’re on the road.

#2 - A Good Rain Jacket/Umbrella

Even if you are travelling to an undeniably sunny destination, a good rain jacket or umbrella can save you from being wet and miserable in the event of unseasonable weather.  Nowadays with the effects of global warming, our guidebook and Iphone weather app can often be wrong, so save a little space for these items to avoid being caught out in the rain.

#1 – Readily Exchangeable Currency

Unfortunately for South Africans, the Rand isn’t high on the list of easily exchangeable currencies.  So, before you leave home, consider packing some U.S. dollars, Euro’s or British Pounds.  Much more readily accepted for payment or exchange in foreign countries, having some extra cash can come in handy if your bank card stops working or you’ve managed to lose your wallet!

Dollars & Credit Card Extra cash will come in handy if your cards don't work

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