Top 5 Must-See European Cities

29 February 2012

Europe has lots to offer, yes every city has something about it and a speciality that you may have not taken note off.  I’ve broken it down for you, Top 5 Must-See European cities & why!

St. Vitus’ Cathedral | Prague

1.  Zurich

Zurich is a bustling metropolis that is young and very alive.  When you’ve had enough of the busy city, set sail on the lake and just take in what the young at heart city it has offer you.

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam may be small however it offers tourists many sights to admire.  The small city has big attractions worth seeing namely the Zaanse Schans Windmills and one of the famous Delft blue potteries, Delftse Pauw.

3. Prague

Prague is built on the two banks of the Vltava River and is has a sense of culture that cannot be explained.  From the cobblestone streets to the rest of the historic architecture, Prague just offers you something genuine and graceful.  Must sees in Prague include the St. Vitus’ Cathedral, Jewish Cemetry & the Petrin Gardens.

4. Vienna

Vienna boasts grand palaces, massive churches, museums and more.  This city of music has a lot of history behind it like any other city in Europe and should be explored!

5. Barcelona

Barcelona is now the hub of the old & new of everything from fashion to architecture.  This enchanting city features beaches and masterpieces that were built for the Olympic Games.  Enjoy the richness of this city.

Happy Travels!