Top 5 Honeymoon Activities in Mauritius

7 October 2013

Your Mauritius honeymoon is an incredible time; a special moment for you to mark the start of your new life together and to make memories that will  last forever.  In between relaxing on luxurious stretches of white sand and dining on sumptuous culinary creations, the island boasts lots of amazing activities for you to enjoy together.  Here’s our Top 5 favourites for the perfect island honeymoon.

#5 GoSubScootering

For those that are not scuba certified, the SubScooter is an amazing way to see the bright corals and beautiful fish that inhabit the island’s coast.  Just like a real scooter, guests can sit one behind the other while a glass dome allows you to breathe and talk freely once submerged.  A unique and wonderful experience, you can share together, a Subscooter excursion promises to delight. 

Water sport options, Mauritius Water sport options, Mauritius

#4 – Catamaran Cruise

Set sail to the secluded island of Isle aux Cerfs.  Celebrated as one of the most beautiful places in all of Mauritius, this is truly a slice of heaven on earth.  Watch dolphins weave through glittering turquoise waters, relax on idyllic stretches of pristine white sand or peruse the quaint market.  Before returning to your resort sit down to a delicious fresh BBQ lunch prepared just for you.  A perfect way to spend the afternoon, Isle aux Cerfs is the ultimate island hideaway.

#3 – Scuba Diving

If you are PADI certified, Mauritius is a world class diving destination.  Boasting two major wrecks, Silverstar a 19th century fishing boat and the British frigate of Sirius, divers can explore a whole new world teeming with marine life.  If you love diving with the Dolphins, the coast off Tamarin Bay in the south is home to a large group of these playful animals.  Divers should be aware of strong currents on the east and south coasts of the island.  Less advanced divers should stick to the calmer waters of the west coast.

Mauritius Mauritius

#2 – Sunset horseback ride on the beach

Like something out of a storybook, imagineriding into the sunset along stretches of untouched shore.  Gallop through the surf or simply enjoy a relaxed walk.  A truly romantic activity, guests can experience a stunning sunset amongst the natural beauty of the island

#1 -  Charter a Yacht

Sail into a never-ending expanse of indigo waters aboard your own private yacht.  Cuddle beneath the setting sun with a glass of champagne before enjoying a candlelit dinner just for two.  The ultimate in at sea luxury, chartering a yacht provides the utmost privacy so that you can savour this special moment together.

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