2 September 2014

The small but wonderful village of Tintagel is situated on the western coast of England and is best known as the legendary birth place of King Arthur and also features in the story of Tristan and Isolde. This seaside town is filled with attractions and is the perfect place to spend a warm English summer’s day.

Tintagel Beach Tintagel Beach. Photo by Wiehahn Diederichs

You can go visit the remains of Tintagel Caste built by Richard, Earl of Cornwall, between 1233 – 36. Not much of it remains but with the help of the tour guides and a small dose of imagination you can easily picture how this once great structure stood proud, looking over the Atlantic Coast.

It has been established by historians that Tintagel was once a place of great wealth and once had a booming trade industry as thousands of pieces of Mediterranean pottery was discovered scattered around the area, something considered as luxury goods in the Medieval days.

Tintagel is also steeped in Arthurian myths, claiming that this was his birthplace where the powerful wizard Merlin took him from and turned him into the King of legends. Just below the castle there is a beautiful beach with waterfalls and caves. One of these caves is known as Merlin’s cave. One legend has it that the infant Arthur washed on shore here where Merlin found him and took him to safety. This cave can be explored at low tide and leads to a amazing swimming spot. Just be warned, English waters are cold!

Except for the castle and the mysterious stories of Arthur, Tintagel offers a wide range of cafés, pubs and restaurants to enjoy. As you walk down the streets the air is filled with the smell of pasties and coffees. I also enjoyed one of the most delicious cream teas I had in England at one of these splendid cafés.

It is also one of the most naturally beautiful places I visited in England. You stand on the on the edge of the cliffy shores and stare out to the horizon of the vast but calm ocean. Tintagel was one of the highlights of my trip in England and one if would highly recommend to beach goers and historian buffs alike.




Wiehahn Diederichs

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