The Flight Centre Foundation

27 July 2012



The Flight Centre Foundation is the heart of FCL's Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) platform.

Our vision is for the Foundation to become one of the leading corporate-based charitable foundations in South Africa, maximising the collective good we can deliver to our communities via the charities we support.


Flight Centre Foundation



The Foundation's purpose is...

"To open up the world to provide a better future"

For our people this means an opportunity to contribute and make a difference.
For our charity partners this means to support and provide awareness and, through our help, achieve their goals. FCL is committed to giving back to our communities via the Foundation's work. Flight Centre Limited (FCL) and its founders have a rich history in Corporate Social Responsibility.


This fact was not as well known as many of the other elements of Flight Centre's DNA. FCL globally has many charitable causes and our employees are actively engaged in these. However, these efforts were largely not managed and disparate, resulting in an uncoordinated distribution of funds. In addition, it was recognised that the focus needed to shift to Workplace Giving.


The SWOT Team are committed to the Foundation's core purpose; "To open up the world to provide a better future".


For our people, this means an opportunity to contribute directly to charities through the Flight Centre Foundation (FCF) and for our charities this means to support & provide awareness, which will assist in the achievement of their goals.

Flight Centre

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