Take a Winter Wonderland Tour

10 November 2017

Picture this: You’ve just ended off another busy year… Maybe this year you started a new job, maybe you just completed your first, second or third year of varsity… You deserve a break! Does this sound like your reality? Imagine adding to that picture that you’ve also booked a winter wonderland tour and you’re about to leave for the airport… It may seem far-fetched now but that can be you before the end of this year!

The problem is, when thinking about travelling overseas, a winter-getaway doesn’t always spring to mind, however, get ready to have your mind changed in a big way because we have some winter holiday packages that are the stuff of dreams.

Of course, "Winter Wonderland" and the idea of a “white Christmas” often go hand in hand and is one of the most popular reasons us South Africans trek over to the northern hemisphere in the winter time. However, there is SO much more to experience during the winter season in Europe and Asia. For example, November and December are actually two of the best months of the year to travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Vietnam thanks to the fantastically mild weather. There are many things that will set apart your winter holiday from any summer holiday you could have.

Some of the best reasons to book a Winter tour to Europe or Asia:
Heart-warming cuisine in Europe
Who needs a busy outdoor café when you could be enjoying a hearty meal next to a roaring fireplace while staring at a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps in a tavern at the top of a ski slope? Or the cosy feel of having a warm cup of hot chocolate or gluhwein while exploring the charming Christmas markets that Germany is so famous for. A snowy winter holiday brings with it warmth and a comfortable atmosphere that is impossible to experience anywhere in South Africa.

Keeping it on the down-low
If you hate waiting in line for food, access to landmarks and museums, transport and even the loo, then avoid Europe in the Summertime. While it is lovely and warm with its own charm, who needs the crowds and the time-wasting in long queues when you can experience so much more in less time during the winter months. On our winter tours, you’ll get a chance to see the best sites and famous landmarks at your own pace. How much you can plan to see, need not be determined by how long the queues are.

Ideal weather in Southeast Asia
In Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, the monsoon season lasts from July to October, which is when these regions get some serious rainfall. From November onwards – their winter months - you can expect slightly cooler, drier weather. This is definitely preferable to the sticky heat and humidity of the summer months. If you are looking for some great deals to Asia, you can take a look at some of our travel deals.

A real ski holiday with real snow!
No offence to South African ski resorts, but let’s be real, it’s just not the same when they make the snow with giant snow-blowers… So, whether it’s in Switzerland, Austria, France or Japan, the winter months offer spectacular ski slopes for weeks on end for all winter visitors. Not only that, the breathtaking views of mountains blanketed in snow is something that you will never forget. Note to any "ski-virgin": taking a lesson or two from a ski instructor will help you make the most of your time in the mountains.

A Winter Wonderland holiday can mean different things for different people which is why we believe with our range of winter holiday options, we’ll have a tour that will cater to your specific idea of “Wonderland”! So, whether your ideal holiday is relaxing in Thailand or swooshing downhill on a snowboard in France, get in touch with one of our highly skilled travel experts to book your Winter Wonderland getaway today! Here is a great Europe tour deal to consider.