A sunset cruise on your honeymoon - in Mauritius

14 January 2019

The contrasts of the enchanting Île Maurice play out in its beautiful beaches and lush green forests; it’s fresh, sweet fruit, and its spicy curries; its cool daytime blues and its theatrical, fiery sunsets.

What could be more romantic than dinner for two on a catamaran as the setting sun colours the sky from champagne to shiraz?

The best place for a sunset cruise in Mauritius

There is certainly no shortage of sunset cruise operators in Mauritius. Operators usually leave from the south, west or northern parts of the island for the sunset cruise. There are cruises operating along the east coast, but while the changing sky will still be spectacular, you won’t see the sun dip into the ocean unless you sail around the island to the west.

In addition, the climate on the north west coast is extremely favourable for evening cruises. It’s more predictable with a lower chance of unexpected showers than in other parts of the island, so keep that in mind when you choose a tour.

Getting there

Transport to the embarkation point is usually offered as a supplementary service, so it is not included in the cost. Your hotel may be able to arrange a shuttle service for you - otherwise the cruise operator’s shuttle will be the best option. Taxis in Mauritius are expensive, and their prices vary considerably – especially after sunset.

Approximate cost of sunset cruises

There are a variety of cruise options ranging from public tours and group tours, to exclusive romantic rendezvous.

  • A two-hour shared cruise off the north coast will cost around R400 per person, and it includes drinks and canapés.
  • Chartering a private luxury yacht will set you back around R5 000 – R6 000 for the yacht, and roughly R230 per passenger. The private charter also takes you out for two hours, and drinks and canapés are included.
  • Exclusive four-hour charters including a romantic dinner and drinks will cost around R8 000.
  • The cost of an overnight stay on a luxury yacht ranges from R9 000 to R20 000, and includes dinner, bed and breakfast.

Spot frolicking dolphins and flying fish, watch the lush green island bathed in gold, and breathe in the crisp sea air. Sailing off into the Mauritian sunset is the perfect honeymoon treat, start planning your honeymoon beach holiday today!