Staying in hostels and travelling the world

Staying in hostels and travelling the world

28 July 2017

Travelling to another country or countries is always a thrilling experience. The anticipation of the adventure builds and builds until it climaxes when you step off the plane in a foreign land. The thrill of arriving at the airport, checking in, and boarding your plane is a special feeling in itself. By visiting other countries you open up a world of experiences, excitement and fun. There is nothing else like it.

Travelling on a budget

It’s very possible to travel on a budget. There’s no need to stay in fancy hotels and book beach front villas. It’s nice if you can, but not necessary. Hostels and Backpackers are designed to give you a bed to sleep in, at an affordable rate. Seeing as how you’ll be out and about all day every day, what more do you need?

It’s also very easy to budget your food expenses by eating out less, and shopping at the local supermarket or street markets. However, if you would like to eat out, move away from the touristy areas, and look for a smaller, local type restaurant (preferably with special deals).

You can also usually budget your travel expenses by pre-booking tickets, buying travel cards, and looking out for special deals which may cover all buses and trains, or may offer tourist discounts.

Hostels are Awesome

When you stay in a hostel, you’ll find the accommodation is nothing special, you may even end up sharing a room with a number of people. There may be a communal kitchen and communal lounge area for everyone to share, but the beauty is that most people in a hostel are just like you. They’re travellers looking for an adventure, to meet new people and to have an awesome time. Swop travel stories, party together and let your hair down.

The Travel bug bites

Travelling is an immensely rewarding experience and once you start seeing the amazing things that are out there, the travel bug is sure to start biting. You’ll want to do it more and more often. It’s a chance to experience something new every day, and to see the world. With so much going on, from catching trains and planes, to visiting beautiful beaches and famous landmarks, finding a hidden alleyway to explore, and living out of your comfort zone, you’ll never want the adventure to end!

On your travels you will undoubtedly be tested, you’ll make memories, meet new friends, and step out of your comfort zone as you stay in hostels, backpackers and other basic accommodation. However this is where you will also have the most fun and meet some very interesting people too. So get started on the adventure of a life time by contacting us today!