Soweto Township Tours

4 November 2011

The city of Johannesburg is a cultural marvel with an almost unimaginable amount of fascinating places to see and visit and admire and adore. Johannesburg is a large city in a small province with a heart of gold, and is certainly a place you’ll want to return to time and time again. Due to the fact that this concrete jungle is filled with so many invigorating adventures chances are you won’t be able to get to everything before your trip reaches its end. One of the most amazing activities not to be missed on you first quest through Gauteng is embarking on one of the Soweto Township Tours.

There are carious tours each with unique features and experiences to look forward. The tour you decide to choose from depends on various factors including your budget, your personality, the time you have available and you past experience with the featured venues. This is for example applicable to those who have previously been to the Origins Centre and would prefer to go on a tour with Gold Reef City included in the package. Here are some of the tours that are available to Soweto;

4 hours visiting the core of Soweto, the biggest and most vibrant township in the country.
This township has undergone some hardship unimaginable to the middle class, but they have prevailed and are now proud to boast of what they’ve become and how they are now one of the country’smost fascinating tourist attractions.

The tour to Soweto, Johannesburg and the Apartheid Museum will prove to be a most educational as well as enjoyable tour.
The South African history is rich and full of culture, however at time has been incredibly sad and deprived.

There are various tours that will travel through Soweto and Johannesburg, some offering opportunities for lunch and others not.

You can choose from any of these depending on your own circumstances.

Other Soweto Township Tours start in Pretoria and work its way through Johannesburg and eventually Soweto.

For those who love the cultural element of South Africa but who also thrive on the adventurous side of life the tour to Johannesburg, Soweto and Gold Reef City is ideal.

A tour similar to the one which includes Gold Reef City is the one which includes the Origins City. This just proves that the tour decide to embark relies solely on what kind of person you are and whether you have the time and resources to embark on the one you prefer.

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