Skyline Complex | Queenstown, New Zealand

18 January 2012

Thinking of heading off to Queenstown, New Zealand & not the Eastern Cape?  If yes, then I’m sure you know that the Skyline Complex in Queenstown is not to be missed!

The Skyline Complex can only be accessed by Gondola (a long narrow flat bottomed boat – I’m sure you’ve seen it on one of our catalogues).  A Gondola base can be spotted just 5 minutes from the heart of Queenstown.

Some Kiwi Entertainment:  Maori Cultural Show

Travellers enjoy the Maori Cultural show the most as it is suitable for the whole family.  If you fell in love with the Haka over the rugby world cup in 2011, then a firsthand experience will leave you flabbergasted!  During the show, loads of singing and Maori dancing take place to bring the stories told to life.  Don’t hold back, if you feel the need to join the dancers on stage – do it!

Got an adventurous streak in you?

The Gondola ride is what most adrenaline junkies go for when visiting Queenstown.  The Gondola ride goes at 37 degree angle over several meters to get you to the top of Queenstown.  Once you’re at the very top, you’ll love the birds view of Queenstown and even more so when on the Luge Adventure ride.

View from the top anyone?

After that adrenaline rush, and some Kiwi entertainment – supper & drinks with a view will be sure to relax you.  Enjoy the ‘Taste of New Zealand Buffet’ the bar in Skyline complex.

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Happy Travels!