Seven Cities for Tech-Savvy Travellers

28 March 2018

Tech-savvy cities not only make your life as a traveller easier, but they ease your conscience too—many of these destinations prioritise eliminating the use of fossil fuels and making sure tourists and locals alike can get around and stay connected with minimal fuss. Here are some top-tech cities to travel to.

New York, New York
The City of Lights simply has to be tech-savvy, right? Right. New York’s tech is a little more charming than the likes of a sophisticated city like Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean its tech doesn’t pack a punch. Home to over seven thousand high-tech companies, you know that they’re on to something. Much like other cities on this list, New York enjoys citywide-technology such as LinkNYC, which is a free WiFi service hosted at over 500 kiosks around Manhattan alone. New York is also home to a casual average broadband speed of 17mbps along with awesome interactive sightseeing experiences that merge virtual reality with our reality (will you even be able to tell the difference when you’re done?).

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm is widely regarded as one of the most tech-savvy cities in the world thanks to its “early-adopter” behaviour. Not only are Stockholm often more likely to adopt new technology than other major cities in the world, but their investment in technology goes so far as to integrate new technology into many aspects of the city. The long-term plan for Stockholm is to go completely cash-free and oil-free before 2020, meaning that payment apps and electric cars are the new normal in this slice of the world. You can enjoy incredibly fast internet here (one of the highest average internet speeds in the world, in fact) along with wide-range coverage of 4G LTE. Many of the public institutions and services are computerised and actions that involve you interacting with the town can often be done online or via an app.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Much like Stockholm, Denmark also aims to move away from the likes of fossil fuels and cash services. Their main energy driver is on wind power, and the wind plants are worth paying a visit to if you’re touring in and around the area. WiFi is easy to come by in the city and will make sharing that Insta-worthy picture of your bike casually leaning against the balustrade while you enjoy a cup of coffee all the more easy to share (i.e. make your friends back home jealous).

Dublin, Ireland
Surprise! Ireland isn’t just rolling hills and pints of Guinness (not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying either of those features… in fact, we can highly recommend the latter), Dublin has ranked third in the world on a list of the world’s most successful cities for innovation, liveability and capacity to reinvent. Ireland has been recognised for its infrastructure and creative outputs, which include a thriving design culture destined to draw the attention of up-and-coming artists and hipsters looking to enjoy experimental art installations. This lends itself to a party culture with exciting clubs to dance the night away and interesting art galleries to pass time by during the day.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Keeping in trend with Stockholm and Copenhagen, Amsterdam’s focus is also on shifting away from a dependency on fossil fuels. This lends itself to infrastructure that makes the likes of riding those cliched bikes around a little easier (be honest… you had no intention of leaving Amsterdam without a snap of yourself on one of those bikes, did you?). Some streets feature incredible cycle paths integrated with light and audio sensors intended to warn cyclists of approaching scooters.

London, England
Given their history and ability to maintain their global position as one of the top countries in the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find London is one of the top tech cities in the world. Historically speaking, London has always been ahead of the times when it comes to technology, fashion, architecture and almost everything else. From a technological point of view, London excels in the healthcare sphere and also features tech that has been integrated city-wide, along with plans to introduce ten new rail lines by this year alone, making it not only one of the most technologically connected cities in the world, but also one of the most physically connected cities too (let us tell you: you haven’t experienced a pub crawl until you’ve literally covered every inch of the city you’re in, which London makes all too easy).

Tech-savvy cities are some of the best in the world. Better still is the fact that all of the cities in this list are as proud of their past as they are of their steps to resemble the future, which means travellers can still enjoy authentic, historic experiences of the city if that’s what they’re after (the difference is it might just be considerably easier and more efficient to enjoy these things in a tech-savvy city than anywhere else in the world). You can start planning your holiday to any of these tech savvy cities by contacting us today!